Saffron Soul – Chickpea tikkis

One thing I have got ready though is this post about a rather lovely cook book called Saffron Soul by Mira Manek that I was sent to review along with the book from my last post so as you might guess this post is a little late…..

This is a gorgeous recipe book filled with mouth watering recipes backed up with gorgeous photography, I really love to see what I am making is supposed to look like and this book does just that. I said yes to reviewing this book one because it looked and sounded great and two because I am all about this kind of food. I’d actually go so far to say that Indian cuisine is probably my favourite source of food I love the spice and flavour plus there is lots of vegetarian options which suits me as I am trying to cut meat out of my diet but thats a whole other blog post!

Mira’s style of food is a modern take on classic Indian recipes which have been inspired by her mother and grandmothers cooking, she uses basic ingredients such as lentils, grains and spices and shows how these simple everyday items are filled with health benefits. There is so many good looking recipes in this book I found it hard to choose which one I would feature on here but eventually I decided on these chickpea tikkis which by the way are bloody delicious!

Chickpea Tikkis

Tikki ingredients:

1 x 400g can of chickpeas, drained
1/2 tsp coconut oil or rapeseed oil, plus 2-3 tsp for frying
1 red onion, finely chopped
1 Tbsp garlic, ginger and chilli paste*
1/2 tsp garam masala or chaat masala
1 green chilli, finely chopped, optional
2 Tbsp tahini
1-2 Tbsp coarsely ground peanuts
handful of chopped coriander leaves
5 Tbsp water
1/2 tsp himalayan salt
small bowl of sesame seeds

To make:

Immerse the chickpeas in a saucepan or bowl of boiling water for a few minutes so they soften and are easier to mash. Drain the water and mash the chickpeas.

Heat the oil in a medium-large saucepan, add the onion. Stir for a couple of minutes on a low heat and then add the garlic, ginger and chilli paste*, garam masala and green chilli. Stir again for half a minute then add the mashed chickpeas, tahini, peanuts, coriander, water and salt then stir together and take off the heat.

Divide the chickpea mixture into 8 and roll between your palms to form balls, then flatten to form tikkis. Heat a frying pan and melt 1 Tbsp of coconut oil in the pan.

Dip each tikki in sesame seeds and place half the tikkis in the pan, adding a few more drops of oil round each tikki so it cooks well. Leave to cook on a low heat for a couple of minutes until the underside is lightly browned and then turn the tikkis. Again, add a few drops of oil around each tikki and let them cook for a minute or two. Turn again if necessary and add more oil if required. Repeat with the rest of the tikkis.

Serve hot with yogurt sauce**,tamarind and date chutney** and a wedge of lemon or lime to squeeze.

* I used fresh garlic, ginger and chilli instead of the paste
** yogurt sauce and tamarind and date chutney recipes can be found in this book

I invited my sister round for dinner and made these tikkis for her, we had a yummy fresh salad on the side and she made a vegan yogurt, tahini and lemon dressing which was delicious! The tikkis were so tasty, really nice nutty spiced flavour and they were really filling too. They kind of remind me of a nutty falafel, they would be perfect for vegan pattie options at a BBQ or popped in a wrap/pitta for a healthy filling lunch or just straight up with a dip…very tasty and very versatile.

If you want to see more from Mira you can check out her Twitter and Instagramaccounts for some tasty food inspiration.

Workout Wednesday and some Protein Packed Foods

Hi all, here we are already at Wednesday again which means a new workout for you guys! I hope you have had a chance to try out the others I have posted? Todays workout is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio blast perfect for getting the heart pumping and can be completed in 20 minutes, enjoy:

20 Minute HIIT Workout

Jog on the Spot
Star Jump
Press Ups
Feet up Crunch
High Knees
Mountain Climbers
Butt Kicks
Jump Squat
Running Man

Perform each exercise for 1 minute straight through and repeat one more time. This will take 20 minutes and you should be nice and sweaty!

Now onto some protein packed foods I have been loving at the moment……

More feta! Oh yes this time in the form of an omelet, so delicious and filling pure comfort food : )

For the first time in ages I ate some prawns which reminded me how much I love them! I made a sweet chilli stir fry with ilumi’s sweet chilli stir fry sauce which was so good, I will definitely be using that again!

Plain old fruit and yogurt well chopped apple topped with greek style yogurt, cinnamon and almonds. Such an awesome combo which is also a nice healthy way to start the day.

I am now off to do my own workout and then to the dentist, wish me luck!

Have a great Wednesday peeps x x

Question: What workout are you doing today?

Boozey Boozey

Firstly thank you so much for your congrats messages it means a lot! I haven’t stopped smiling since Friday morning I feel so happy and free!

Right I’m afraid we have another 2 day post, sorry that’s been the case a bit lately but I’m sure my tasty eats make up for that, well I hope they do! I wouldn’t like to think that I bore you sweet readers! So without further a do I shall get on with my Saturday re-cap:

I started my day with a delicious breakfast which was really pretty too!

Chocolate Berry Oats

1/2 c. oats
1/2 c. soya yogurt
1/2 c. defrosted mixed berries
1tsp cocoa
1tsp xylitol
1tbsp pumpkin seeds
almond butter

Delicious and filling!

Work was HELL we had the broadband sales manager in and he was on our backs all day. I’m so in the wrong job, I HATE the whole sell sell sell attitude I am not a pushy sales person and never will be! I think that’s why my customers like me, I do whats best for them not my pay packet!
Right anyway thats my little out burst out of the way! I had some ginger biscuits for a mid morning snack I love this flavor!

The sun was shining so I decided to get outside for my lunch. I walked to the seafront and sat looking out to sea it was blissful : )

I had a really good lunch spicy tuna wrap.

In the mix:

1 wrap
2 tbsp tuna + 2tbsp black eyed beans
peppers + spinach
1tsp mayo + 2tsp soya yogurt
1tsp curry powder

This went down a treat how cute are my tissues!?

We were late finishing work for one reason and another so I was glad i had packed some raw veggies, these kept me going

Once I finely I got home I made a quick dinner before getting ready to hit the town. This took about 5 minutes and tasted fab! I slice of toasted rye bread, scrambled eggs steamed veg and a big dollop of hummus, yum!

I took these hazelnuts to work but didn’t end up eating them so added them to some soya yogurt and cinnamon to make a perfect pud.

I quickly threw on the glad rags and got on my way

I went to Waynes for a bevvy then we headed into town and yes I drank way to many of these!
A girls gotta be bad sometimes right?!

Hmmmmmm one to many maybe Wayne?! ha ha ha

These shoes were made for dancing……………..

And dance they did till 4am a few drunken embarrassing texts later and I was dead in my bed!

I woke up today and wished my head and phone could delete my drunken antics away, far far away! But they didn’t so I guess I gotta just face the shame!

I made myself feel a little better with a breakfast wrap : )

A little wrap with my tomato ketchup! Yummy!

Right I gotta catch up with all your fab blogs then I’m off out to take my sister for a drive.
I see ice creams and sunshine in my future……….Yay to driving!


Ever sent any “I wish I hadn’t” drunken texts?!

I have many times and will probably do it many more times too!

Do you love your job?

I don’t but I love my work mates so it kinda makes up for it!

Leftovers = Easy

Hello Monday readers how’s it going?! Did you have the day off? Or were you unlucky like me and had to work?

I woke up early to get my bag ready for the gym before work and also to pack lunch/breakfast.
For breakfast I made some low carb muesli mixed with soya yogurt and blueberries.

I also used the last of my cocoa almond butter from Deb’s I’m definitely sorry to see that go!
I ate half of my breakfast before walking to the gym. I had a great workout today which was totally pain free whoop whoop!

15 minutes – cross trainer – intervals
25 minutes – arm weights – squats – lunges
2o minutes – treadmill – 2 min walk 6.5mph – 16 min run 8mph – 2 min walk 5.5mph
plank 1 minute

I had a FREEZING cold shower after my workout then sat in the morning sun to warm up and eat the other half of my breakfast, delish.

Work was kinda busy but boring so I was glad when it was time to have lunch. I had the best lunch LEFTOVERS! I love it when there are tasty leftovers it makes lunch so easy.

Ham salad with grated carrot, rocket, cucumber and the last of my yummy potato salad : )

I had 3 mixed berry oatcakes after, love these!

After work I went out for a drive with my friend, I so can’t wait to pass my test now!

Soup for dinner with steamed broccoli and two oatcakes with homemade smoked mackerel pate.

This pate is easy to make and very very tasty!

Smoked Mackerel Pate

1 smoked mackerel fillet
1 tbsp soya yogurt
ground black pepper

And that’s it! I’m pretty tired and I gotta wash the locks so good night peeps x x


When’s you favorite workout time?

I find working out in the morning suits me best, as much as I love to exercise I find my morning workouts are much better than in the afternoon

P.S coconut n chocolate ground rice pudding maybe in my future…………

Pancakes yes please!

I decided to get into the habit of not having yogurt ALL the time! I don’t want to go cold turkey
and get the jitters through not getting yogurt! I have to admit the no yogurt went fine today and
breakfast was a winner! I just can’t get enough of PANCAKES!

In the mix:
1 egg whisked
1/4 cup soya bran
1 tbsp quinoa flakes
1/4 cup low lacto milk + 2 of water
tsp maca + raisins + tbsp chia seeds
a few drips almond essence + cinnamon spray oil

Topped with tahini and sliced banana, oh yeah this was goooooooooood, and uber filling!

My driving lesson isn’t til 10.50 so I have a leisurely morning. I meet Wayne after my drive and once we’ve had a good gossip I plan to go to the gym for a walk and toning session nothing to heavy though my back is still not 100%

Have a good day peeps x


Whats your favorite pancake combo?