6 Simple Ways to Make Mattress Firmer

Your mattress can hold the primary position as it comes to how to define a great sleep. But what if your mattress is too soft to use? This could cause you to turn and toss as well as feel groggy when lying on the bed. Stop worrying! In this post today, you’ll be shown how to make mattress firmer than ever in the simplest and cheapest way. Are you ready? Let’s find out now:

Simple ways to make mattress firmer

1.       Substitute the worn-out layers

make mattress firmerAlright, you might think of how to make mattress firmer in this way: replace it with a brand new one, right? However, keep in mind that replacing the item will cost you about $500 at least or more based on the type of mattress you’re currently having or desire to replace.

For this reason, you’d better not get the new one soon, but try to replace the worn-out layers instead. This would offer lower cost and wiser solution. Let’s change the top layer and see whether it works for you or not. Doing so costs you much lesser than altering the entire mattress and then you could earn a firmer support for sure.

2.       Add to it a platform

Go to add the mattress to a bed support that is made of plywood because this will guarantee the mattress to be assisted in a firmer way. Therefore, there will be no part sagging or kept straight.

3.       Try out a firm mattress topper

how to maker mattress firmer

Using a firm topper to make mattress firmer

How to make mattress firmer with a platform only? That’s easy! Availing a firmer mattress topper would be one of the simplest methods of getting the firm surface of your mattress.

Let’s utilize a latex mattress topper or a higher-density memory foam topper. This would allow for a much firmer and adjustable support without a doubt. Also, the memory foam toppers are the greatest options you can rely on to make the mattress firmer.

If finding your current mattress too soft, it’s fine to get another latex topper since this material is naturally firmer than your memory foam. In case that you want another softer upper layer, then feel free to opt for a mattress topper that is made of cotton.

Note that a well-fitted pad and cover are also the essential parts that will supplement in keeping and enhancing the firmness of your mattress. This topper will serve in guarding the mattress in various ways.

4.       Let your mattress sunbathe

Ensure that you will place the mattress under the sunlight after every few months since doing so can help it newer in the internal texture. How come? When letting it sunbathe, you’re stretching its cells and diminishing other bacteria, mildew, and let the moisture out.

5.       Flip the mattress as always

tip to make mattress firmerTry to flip the mattress regularly? Why? It’s because this action can help you maintain the original shape of your mattress. In other words, your mattress won’t be overused from one of the sides. You need to make sure all regions to have the equal pressure, and then the deterioration process can be slowed down. Flipping also help your mattress last longer.

6.       Maintain your room temperature at the optimal level

Note that any high and low in the room temperature can be seen as a big element that influences the firmness of your mattress. In case that you can keep things normal, you would dodge the whole deterioration process for the mattress with ease.


Everyone agrees that a firm and flat mattress means a good sleep. While it will soften over time, I hope that my tips on how to make mattress firmer could help you know what to do. And out of these suggestions, there are two most important things to consider: moisture and the placement of your mattress. If you possibly protect it from these two elements, then you’re sure to make it firmer than ever.

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