Simple ways to make mattress last longer

Want to make your mattress last longer? Definitely not difficult, just follow some tips we mention here. Clean up regularly, use a mattress protector, a mattress topper and some other ways will help you do this work perfectly.

You have just spent quite much money on a new mattress. And you want to make it last long as it is possible, try to keep it in the best condition for your family’s members to enjoy a wonderful sleep or satisfy any guests who come to visit your house. So let check some following points to find the best ways to protect your new mattress.

make mattress last longer

Invest in a mattress topper

The best mattress toppers not only provides reasonable protection for your mattress but also enhance the level of comfort of a mattress. But a topper has a high price, so make sure you choose a qualified topper carefully. A well-chosen mattress topper can even give you an extra year or two before having to replace a mattress that may pass its prime.

mattress topper

Using a mattress topper to protect the mattress

But do you know how to use a mattress topper properly? Please reference following steps and you may find a good way to use it.

Firstly, remove the mattress topper from its packaging.

Secondly, remove all the bedding from the mattress and put the rolled or unrolled mattress topper on the bare mattress.

Thirdly, unroll mattress topper over the mattress. Then, adjust the mattress topper to fit in the mattress. The topper should cover the entire top surface of the mattress.

And the last, to help hold mattress topper in place, a mattress covers will be padded in them. It is a little way to make your mattress a little more comfortable.

Use a mattress protector in the beginning.

A mattress protector will prolong the lifespan of your new mattress, help preserve the mattress’s warranty and increase your quality of sleep. Although your mattress can only be used by adults, spills and any unforeseen accidents can happen and ruin your new mattress when it is wet. Besides, cleanup can be very difficult once liquid, fluids or any accidental food spill, whereas a mattress protector is easy to take off and clean up.

Clean your mattress regularly

Remember that you will spend about a third of your life on your mattress. So one of the good ideas to keep the mattress last long is cleaning up our actual mattress and vacuuming the surface regularly. This reduces dust and debris. Some researchers recommend that sprinkling baking soda on the mattress surface before vacuuming to absorb excess moisture.

Clean your mattress regularly not only promotes a more pleasant and productive night’s sleep, but also help prevent nasty, pest, bug infestation.

Don’t eat in bed

Don’t eat in bed because you will make mattress become dirty. Keeping a clean mattress is not an easy task, we mentioned above. Eating meals on your mattress is a potential way to the breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Besides, eating on your bed leaves your sleep zone open to hungry pests and bugs. They belong to a group of factors which makes you could not keep mattress last longer.

No jumping on the bed

No jumping on the bed

Have kids around the house is very nice. However, it is seriously not a good idea when your kids want to use the bed as a trampoline. Make sure you keep them stay far from the bed everytime they want to jump on the mattress for fun. It ruins not only break frames and even foams of cushion, but also the coils and the fibers of it.

Get your pets their own beds

You love your pets and want to cuddle them and sleep every night? Ok, it’s nice. But it is not good for your new mattress. When pets walk outside, drool and shed hair and cells will winds up in your bed. They don’t have an awareness of protecting, so they can ruin your mattress in any way, with spills or clawing and tearing. So give your pets their own designated beds.

Let the light in occasionally

The light of the sun is also a factor which could affect your mattress last longer. Every month or two when the day is sunny or dry, strip your mattress and let the sunlight into the air out the bed for a couple of hours. This helps prevent excess moisture both from sleepers and humidity, also keep your mattress from dirty dust.

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