Friday, 24 March 2017

Thumbs Up

Hello all, how are we? I'd love to say I'm feeling fabulous but that would be a lie, I cut the end of my thumb off with a mandoline on Tuesday evening and it bloody hurt! Yes I was a complete kitchen fool and forgot there was a guard that I was supposed to use with it and I slipped and sliced the top of my thumb off.......I spent 5.5 hours in A&E, got bandaged up and sent on my way not the best way to start the week but hey lessoned learned....I will never use a mandoline ever again! 

Luckily I have today off so 3 day weekend yay and I only have to work Monday and Tuesday next week then have a week off which is good as there are so many grabby hands at work that put me on edge. I went to the docs today and had the dressing changed, the nurse said it looks healthy its just going to take a while to heal so no thumbs up from me for a while! 

Anyway enough about my sore thumb I've been eating some yummy food lately and wanted to share my food pics from this week.......

I like some weird flavour combos and peanut butter, marmite and cheese on toast is one of them, I love it. And this M&S gluten free bread is a total winner for me, if you have to eat gluten free you know how hard it is to find bread that actually tastes nice not just toasted but as a sandwich and this poppy seed loaf is so soft and fluffy perfect for a good old sarnie or as toast. I would definitely recommend trying it if your gluten free. 

Work lunches these days look a lot like this, veggies and rice either as is, with nuts or a protein. We make a meal the night before (enough for 4) and then box up half for the next days lunch. Above was rice with salt and pepper cashews and tomato pesto veggies, so delicious and filling perfect if your eating lunch in the car too! 

It seems like ages since I have eaten an avocado and this beauty was perfectly ripe and topped with a little pink himalayan salt which made the flavour pop. Avocados are one of my favourite food items so I'm definitely going to be getting them more often then I have, they're perfect for snacks and as part of a meal or smoothie so they need to be on the shopping list from now on. 

Cake! I love cake, obviously who doesn't, and this was so tasty although I think it could of done with 5 more minutes in the oven but it was yummy all the same. Another different flavour combo was used for my cake, lemon, rose and courgette to be precise which worked so well that I'll be trying it out again hopefully today if I can cook with my angry thumb! If it goes well I'll be sharing the recipe with you guys as I know you all love cake as much as me : )

So friends have a fab weekend and I'll be back to check in soon. 


  1. Ouch poor you. The lemon and rose cake sounds lovely.

    1. Stupid me! Thanks it was yummy x