Friday, 17 March 2017

Its All About Pomora Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hello peeps, how are we and how is March treating you? I'm all good, work is busy as ever but I am definitely feeling a little more settled there which is nice maybe I was a little quick to judge?

Lucky me I have a 3 day weekend so I thought I'd drop in and say hi and share with you a post that I have been meaning to do for months! Ages ago I was sent some delicious Pomora extra virgin olive oil to try out and boy have I been trying it out its awesome and so tasty, it literally changes the depth of a meal and makes my taste buds sing. Before I share some yummy eats I have made with my oils let me give a little background on Pomora and how their company works...its really cool!

Pomora is an adoption programme, you adopt an olive tree and receive olive oil throughout the year. Pomora don't have any physical shops so they cut out the middle man which means more money goes to the farmers and the local community, they use sustainable farming methods looking after the land and giving you high quality product which you can definitely taste. There are two different regions to choose from which each have their own unique taste, to me both are really good plus you can choose from plain olive oil or a range of flavours. You can check the details out here

I have been making all sorts of different meals with my oils so here is a few ideas I have been revisiting time and time again, because they taste so good! 

Pesto....I have been making pesto with cashews and either parsley or basil and the plain extra virgin olive oil.

It makes a great dressing for pasta with veggies and using the cashews in the pesto makes this really filling, this would be a perfect meal for the spring season that is upon us.

For fish I have definitely fallen in love with the lemon and chilli oils they make a perfect combo to drizzle on a prawn stir fry they just liven up with meal and the chilli gives a good kick! 

The lemon oil goes really well with this flaked trout, carrot and rice combo....hmmmmm I need to eat this again it was so good.

More veggies and pasta! Drizzled with garlic oil oh yes hello!

You could use these oils drizzled on hot food or simple salads to liven things up whatever your food groove is these oils will up the anti and make your meals even more awesome definitely worth a try if you ask me. So if like me you love getting your daily does of good healthy fats you need some Pomora in your life, check them out and let me know what you think.

Right I'm off to meet my sister and a friend for coffee so I better get ready, have a fabulous Friday readers : )


  1. Mmm, that pesto looks lovely :)

    1. Thanks Maria it tasted damn fine too! X