Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Happy Belated New Year!

As the title says Happy Belated New Year, oh and happy 1st of March! Yes its taken me a while to get sat here in front of my computer screen but better late then never right?! 

This year has started with a bang for me this side of the screen unfortunately on screen it started with a slow crawl due to our internet not working, we didn't get it sorted till mid January which is when a lot of course work/training started at my new job so I have been getting my head down doing that which has had my eyes going square so I haven't exactly been motivated to sit in front of the screen for more time writing posts but I got here finally! 

My new job has been full on but the weeks go so quickly and having weekends and evenings off has been pretty sweet, if I'm honest I don't know if its the perfect job for me its very different to where I was which is good but it also has some bad points which I am still mulling over. The training aspect is awesome I have just started my Care Certificate and will be also doing a QCF qualification which is all good for my career so I am focusing on those things rather than the parts of the job I am not so keen on plus now I am working for the local council it has opened up a lot more opportunities which can only be a good thing. 

As I mentioned above having weekends off has been lovely and I have been taking full advantage by meeting up with friends for coffee and cake dates, well with the weather being so crappy coffee and cake has definitely been needed : )

A couple of weeks ago I met my friend Annie for a catch up and we went to a coffee shop in Hastings Old Town called Sham City Roasters, they make freshly roasted craft coffee and all the food is vegan as well as offering some gluten free treats which wins my vote. The coffee is awesome and my gluten free brownie was pretty good so if your in Hastings Old Town I would recommend you stop off and treat yourself to a cuppa and a piece of cake you won't be sorry. 

Another place I have been meeting friends and getting my caffeine and cake fix is a little cafe in St.Leonards (my neck of the woods) which is small but so inviting and they make some awesome raw treats like the raw carrot cake above plus everything they serve is gluten free so I'm sorted whenever I go in. Its called Cafe Gratitude and again the coffee is delicious and they have good window seats for people watching, always a plus for me. 

Its not only having weekends off I've been enjoying, having the evenings at home has also been a bonus of my new work week, being home and being able to cook my evening meals has been a joy. I love cooking especially my evening meal so its been fun getting back in the kitchen and getting inspired again to cook an assortment of meals during the week. One thing I have been loving lately is gram flour, it makes awesome gluten free wraps (socca's) and a perfect pizza base as you can see below....

Using gram flour is so simple you literally add water to gram flour and whisk it up for a basic batter mix then fry it in a little oil, I always add salt and pepper for seasoning and herbs/spices to jazz it up a bit. Above is a curried quorn and vegetable wrap with a little feta, I know what your thing curry and feta? But believe me it works and it tastes so good! 

Pizza! I love pizza but the gluten free options you can buy from the shop or order in send my tummy in a tail spin plus they don't taste very nice so I decided to try a socca base pizza and it works really well and it even gets a crispy edge which is what a pizza is all about right? And if I make my own I can use lacto free cheese which doesn't send my skin mental and that's important for me especially as my skin seems to be pretty good these days (up date on that soon). 

Other meals have been mostly veggie orientated with the odd meat dish thrown in to keep Dale happy and I have been making a lot of meals that I can use for the next days lunch which is handy now I work days, I like to be prepared to just go in the morning with no hassle to be sorting out lunch. 

So what else have I been doing over the past two months other then work, eating and drinking coffee well obviously I have been hanging out with the family cats! My little Sid has started the year on a high, at the end of last year he fell really ill and it was touch and go for a while there which was devastating for me I love this little guy like he's my baby and the thought of him dying was just awful but thankfully he pulled through and has just got better and better so fingers crossed he has many more years left in him. 

I have also been hanging with my sisters beauties as she has been away a few times and I have been the baby sitter which is always a pleasure especially for this cutie. 

I can't quite believe its March already the past two months have gone so quickly and I am pretty sure the year is going to fly by just as quick, I feel more big changes are coming my way for 2017 and I plan to keep you updated and blog about my goings on so keep tuned, I promise I'm back! 

Enjoy your day peeps x

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