Thursday, 1 September 2016

Happy September - A Look Back At Summer

Happy September all! What a glorious start to the month, the sun is shining and there is warmth still to the air which is lovely, summer overall hasn't been too bad this year ok its not been great but its been better than the last few so I'm not complaining! 

Overall I've had a pretty good summer, I've had a couple of great times away, hung out with good friends and really enjoyed myself when I haven't been working that is. I've worked a lot the past few weeks so theres been no time to just sit and think about blogging thats why I'm here with a bumper summer post. I thought this would be a good way to give you an idea of what I've been up to whilst being MIA so sit back relax and check out my pics......


At the end of June me and Dale went on holiday to Morocco, it was quite last minute so not long to wait once we'd booked which was a good way to do it I think. We went to an all inclusive hotel which was the best deal for us and I have to say we absolutely loved it. We both needed to go away and just chill, not do much other then hang out by the pool, eat, drink and spend some time with each other. 

And thats exactly what we did! The pool was glorious, the drinks went down well and the food was ok, the main thing was there were options for me so I can't ask more then that. Not eating gluten, dairy or much sugar can be hard enough at home but go to an all inclusive hotel abroad and you could be very hungry! Luckily I had options, limited yes but I didn't go hungry plus I didn't get to over eat so no unwanted holiday weight score! 

We didn't just sit by the pool all the time, we did go on a couple of trips to break the week up and see Marrakech in all its glory. One of our trips was to see the souks and medina in Marrakech, that was quite an experience and I'm glad we went with guides because me and Dale would have been lost for days! It was pretty crazy to be honest and the pushy sellers was like nothing I've ever experienced, it was quite scary at times but I'm glad we went as it was really interesting to see and the beautiful buildings and decor was glorious. 

We also took a day trip to the Atlas Mountains in a 4x4 which was utterly amazing, I loved it the only scary part was the guy driving the the 4x4 whipping round the very narrow mountain roads! We went to a traditional Burma home and got to see how they live which was fascinating and so refreshing, it really is a different world. 

The mountains were so beautiful and we had a great day out, I would recommend this to anyone that goes to visit that part the world. 

I spent a lot of the holiday snapping the cutest cats! OMG the cats there are so cute I couldn't help myself, the little ginger and white one (top pic) lived at the hotel and she came to hang out with us in the mornings, I fell a little bit in love with her : )

So to round up we had the best time in Morocco, the hotel was gorgeous the people were lovely and we couldn't have had a better time I could be whisked back tomorrow please. 

Dale's Birthday

For Dales actual birthday we went fishing (of course!) and had a lovely day by the lake before going out for dinner with his family to a nice restaurant in town.

We extended the birthday celebrations to the weekend and rented a house in Brighton with our friends, we booked a house from AirBnB. It was way better then booking a hotel because we had a whole house and what a house, it was beautiful! The house was so nicely done I actually wanted to move in, I think we all did! 

We spent the morning looking round the shops before heading to the seafront for some drinks in the sun, it was a really hot summers day and couldn't of been more perfect. We had an early dinner at Pho before heading home for some chill time and drinks. 

We ended up going into town and the rest is drunken history! A great weekend spent with great friends : )

So what else have been up to when I haven't been working? Well I have had some new tattoos, been to some shows at our local theatre, been out to eat with friends and went to do a quiz night which we failed miserably at but it was still fun, spent time with family and generally had a good time.

Fitness wise I have been going to some classes at the gym on a regular basis, LBT and Armageddon  being my favourites, I've done some walking and even some running (its been a while!) along the seafront and worked out with clients so I've been keeping my fitness up. The only thing I haven't been able to do is my yoga classes as they have been shut but they reopen on Monday and I can't wait to get back on the mat. 

Food wise I've been pretty good, I've been eating a varied diet with lots of healthy ingredients, I think I definitely live by the 80/20 rule these days. The majority of my diet is all homemade healthy foods such as veggies, whole grains and proteins then there is that 20% of things that sneak in like crisps, alcohol and a few sweet treats but they are definitely few and far between but I feel good with the way I eat so thats the main thing. Smoothies have become a daily breakfast meal for me and Dale especially since having a Froothie blender its literally transformed my smoothies and they are bloody delicious plus a great way to start the day. 

So thats my summer summed up in one post, I hope I didn't bore you! I still can't quite believe we are already at September we are all always saying how time flies by but this year has taken the biscuit! I do love Autumn though and the change of season, that crisp feel in the air when the sun is still shining and the leaves dropping to the floor its a wonderful time of year : )


Whats the best thing you have done this summer?

Mine would have to be Morocco, what a holiday! 


  1. That trip into the mountains sounds fantastic, although nerve-wracking in the car! I'm not keen on twisty roads like that either!

    1. It was awesome but yeah hair raising going round those roads especially when we were in the outside lane with big trucks and buses coming the other way!

  2. What a great summer! Love the Maroc cats! x Maybe we will see each other for autumn?! ;) xxx

    1. That cats were so cute! Yeah hopefully we will, we need to meet up more! X

  3. Woahhhhh, Morocco looks incredible and those kitties are THE cutest! I also live in Brighton! Did you visit the north lanes? They are the best place to go for delicious food and beautiful shops!

    1. Hey Lucie, the cats were all adorable! I actually used to live in Brighton and we only live in Hastings so I've spent a lot of time digging about the lanes fab food and shops love it! X