Friday, 30 September 2016

Currently..... September 2016

Hello, how are we? 
I can't believe its October tomorrow, where did September go? I've had a good month, had fun with friends and family, worked lots and enjoyed the warm days that have stayed with us through September. Because it took me all month to get to sit down and have some time to think about blogging I thought I'd do a Currently post to show you whats going on round my way which is no way near as quiet as it seems : )


I have been loving these Rombouts filter coffees which I can take to work and enjoy on my breaks, the coffee at work is usually not great so having filter coffee with me is a real treat. They are the perfect pick me up and the flavours are gorgeous, it was national coffee day yesterday and I enjoyed one of these coffees to celebrate, yum! 

I'm also still having a daily smoothie, with the weather getting colder I'm not sure how long these will be a daily ritual but for now I'm not ready to them up, they're just so good! 


I've been getting a good fill of hemp lately, I was sent these yummy hemp products from Planet Hemp
which are really tasty. I have been adding hemp seeds to rice dishes and smoothies, hemp oil to salads and the super greens powder to smoothies all of which taste fab plus they are enriching my diet which is always a good thing. 

Now I haven't been eating these all the time but I treated myself to a gluten free fish finger sandwich the other day and it was bloody lovely brought back a feeling of childhood which is always a nice feeling. Didn't we all used to eat a fish finger sandwiches?!


Cats! I think everyone knows by now how obsessed with cats I am, I love my Sid and I've been looking after my sisters cats whilst she has been away and last sunday I got to meet my friend Annie's new tiny little cute?! 


This year has gone way too quickly, its been a pretty good year and I've done lots of stuff but how am I nearly 35!!! Crazy


I have the best family anyone could ask for and spending time with them is one of my favourite things to do. Me and my sister Jes went for a day out with my mum this month and it was lovely to spend time with my favourite people : )


To get very excited about a new job!! More on this soon : )


Happy and in love, can't believe me and Dale will have been together for 5 years on the 15th of October! We may bicker from time to time but he is the only man I have ever been out with that I can be myself with and laugh about the most ridiculous stuff, definite keeper : ) 

So thats what is currently up with me, hope you've enjoyed the read. I will be back next month to say hi and hopefully with more news on my new job whoop! 


  1. The new job sounds exciting :)
    Glad things are going well with you.