Thursday, 28 July 2016

5 Things I'm Loving

Hey Hey! How are we? 
I'm all good busy as ever with all sorts of things going on this side of the screen as always. I've been on holiday to Morocco, stayed in Brighton for a weekend, been working like a dog and managed to fit a few social events in too. I finally have time to sit relax and blog which I've been meaning to do for bloody ages! I thought I would write a 5 things I'm loving post which I haven't done since 
May 2015 unbelievably. So lets get to it shall we my 5 things are.......

Coconut Oil

When aren't I loving coconut oil right?! Well this has been a long term love affair of mine, its just so good for you inside and out which makes it one of my favourite products to use in the kitchen and as a beauty product. I have been using the coconut oil from Indigo Herbs which is delicious by the way. I highly recommend you going over to look at their products they have a great range of stuff to keep you in tip top condition. 


Avocados are a staple in my diet and there is nothing like cutting one open and it being perfect. I don't know about you but its not always easy to get an avocado as perfect as this, they are either too hard or with a blink of an eye to bloody ripe and all black so when I open one up to find this green and yellow perfection it makes my day! 

Tilda Pulses & Rice

I'm loving these pouches of pulses and rice from Tilda they are perfect for me to take to work for a quick and easy dinner. I am not really one for convenience food but when your pushed for time at work having something that is gluten free and quick to make is a great help plus these taste yummy which is pretty important too! 

Carrot Cake Nakd Bars

Having a healthy snack kicking about my bag is always necessary and these new bad boys from Nakd Wholefoods are my new favourite go to snack. I have been a fan of the nakd bars for so long and have always been a solid ginger fan but these just took the top spot for me so good! 

New Tattoo Dots

I have wanted little dots on my fingers for ages so I treated myself to some the other day at a friends tattoo shop and I love them, although I think they will need to be done twice but thats fine I'm pretty good with the pain....tough as nails me! I am planning to get a couple more pieces done in the next few weeks so watch this space : )

So there are my 5, I am planning on doing a post about my recent holidays and I have some recipes I'm dying to post so I hope to be back sooner rather then later. I hope everyone is well and enjoying life well as much as they can with all that is going on in the world right now.......another reason I have been MIA to be fair is my recent obsession with all that is going on in world. I have never been a political person but I have been so enraged of late that I can't help to be. I won't go on....maybe I'll do a post but then maybe not I am trying to think of happy things but its hard with so much pain and misery but alas I will stop before I go into some crazy rant! 


Anything you have been loving lately?


  1. I want carrot cake and finger tattoos! :) Oh and the coconut oil and Tilda look great too! :)

    1. those carrot cake bars are the bomb!

  2. Those carrot cake bars are fab! I tried the peanut ones too, and they are good, but nothing special.

    1. The peanut and apricot are definitely in the list to try, thanks for stopping by x