Tuesday, 5 April 2016

March Catch Up featuring Nutri-Bombz and Smoothies!

Hi all, how are we? I'm all good other then an acne nightmare which I will be leaving to another post!  I have a candida and skin update but its a total moan and as I haven't checked in for a while I'll leave the moaning for another time. 

March was a good month, I didn't get up to much really other then work to be honest. I did have my first night out in about 5 months which was hmmmmm drunken and gave me a killer hangover, all worth it though! The other thing I did do was get a new car, I had my rust bucket Ford Fiesta ever since I past way back in 2010 and it finally gave up the ghost which was a little inconvenient but within two weeks I was back on for wheels in a cute little VW Polo which I love! 

Other then work and driving about in my new car there has been two other things I have been enjoying in the form of food.....of course! So carry on reading for some food porn.......

First up is the new to me Nutri-Bombz which I was sent to try out and have fallen in love with. If your a fan of nakd bars then these are for you. 

Nutri-Bombz's main ingredients are almonds, cacao, coconut and dates which are then blended with all sorts of super foods to form these little balls of healthy heaven! 

You get 4 packs of 3 nutri-bombz in a box which come in convenient little packs, perfect for popping in your bag ready for a snack attack.

Gotta say all of the bombz I have tried are awesome, each one tastes great but if I had to choose my favourite so far its gotta be the salted caramel.

And they really do taste like salted caramel, if you want to check out the other flavours you can here.

If like me you love a snack but want it to be healthy and filled with fabulous ingredients then look no further and get your chops round some of the bombz! 

The other food I have been eating/drinking a lot of is smoothies, I finally had the money to treat myself to a proper high speed blender so I bought a Froothie 9200A.

My god this blender has transformed my smoothie making, the smoothies come out so smooth even if I add raw unsoaked nuts or berries with pips which is pretty great, all my other blenders have been cheap and really not that great. I would highly recommend, if your looking for a high speed blender, that you check this one out its awesome! 

Me and Dale have been having a smoothie every morning since I bought my froothie and its a great way to start the day, here are some of my favourites......

Cherry, Cashew and Chocolate

Blueberry, Banana and Cashew

Chocolate, Cashew and Banana

Mango and Cacao

Blueberry and Chocolate

Almond Butter, Banana and Chocolate Frappe

I'll make sure to post some of the recipes for these as they are rather delicious and I know lots of you love a good smoothie : ) 

Right time is ticking and I am working tonight so I shall say farewell and see you soon to explain my acne nightmare....bet you can't wait ha! 


Have you tried Nutri-Bombz?


  1. Those nutri bombz look lovely- like you say, easy to pop in your bag and have one when you fancy a snack.
    All of your smoothies look so thick and delicious- the weather is finally warming up so I can imagine having one now!

  2. Wow - Nutri-Bombz are so similar to Graze! I love these little things for healthy smacking on the go! Also - you are the goddess of smoothies!


    1. The packaging?? I didn't even think of that! Ha thanks but I've seen your smoothies and they are to die for! X