Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Candida and Acne Update

Hello all, I hope your having a good April even if its nearly over! In my last post I threatened to be back with a bit of a moan and here I am, get ready to be moaned at.....

If you've read my blog for a while you will know that in December last year I found out I had Candida, due to taking antibiotics for nearly a year, as well as suffering from some horrible acne on my neck/jawline/back and chest. Well I did the Candida diet for 5 weeks and it seemed to clear up, the spots went from my back and chest although they did not clear from my face/neck, I was allowed to introduce some sugar (from fruit) and some food containing yeast. February and March pasted and things were popping into my diet that I probably shouldn't be eating but as they were not on a regular basis I didn't worry to much....ha more fool me! 

A delicious smoothie containing banana and cherries......if only I new this was going to be part of my downfall!

By the beginning of April I was starting to feel really crappy, to the point I was getting light headed and shaky even though I was eating normally so its wasn't down to being hungry. Spots started to appear on my back and chest again and I basically felt bloody horrible plus I have also got some blocked lymph nodes which is a sign my body isn't getting rid of waste properly : ( I went to the doctors to have blood tests which thankfully came back all normal (Candida does not show up on blood tests) and she also confirmed I had blocked lymph nodes but they should right themselves.....hmm ok then!? So I went back to see my Kinesiologist as I needed answers......

Hello CANDIDA!!!!! Yep its back and all over me again, my kinesiologist thinks because I was on the antibiotics for so long as soon as I introduced sugar/yeast back into my diet it just reacted to bring back the Candida joy oh joy and she agreed with my blocked lymph nodes and gave me the most excruciating massage to try an unblock them.

What now? I am back on the diet and have been for a week, I am already starting to feel better though I still get the shaky low blood pressure feeling now and again but that should go once my body really starts to fight off the Candida. I was also advised to try and wash my face with bottled/boiled water as the chlorine from tap water is making my skin worse so I have been boiling water and letting it cool or cooling it with bottled water and using that to clean my face which seems to be helping but my skin is far from fixed and its going to be a long road with lots of experimenting but I am sure it will fix itself in the end.....I bloody hope! I have to go back and see my Kinesiologist in 3 weeks to have my lymph nodes unblocked again and see how I'm doing fingers crossed I'll be on the road to getting better. 

Ok moan over, I have to say I am so fed up but it could be worse I suppose...... I will be doing a "Day in the Life" post soon to share my diet and also let you know about how I have been keeping fit, I'm really enjoying my workouts at the moment and feel my exercise routine is the best its been in while plus I have been trying out some new products which I must share with you guys. 

Right time to get on with getting ready for work later, have a great hump day peeps, see ya soon : )


Have you suffered from acne, how did you fix it?


  1. I hope you get it sorted soon.

  2. Ahh sorry to hear this :( Good to hear that you've got some answers and a plan going forward though. Get better soon!