Thursday, 3 March 2016

Baked Lemon Pepper Cod For Borderfields #isBetter Challenge

Well I guess its about time to pop in and say hi to you guys, February was a very busy month ending with a fab little getaway to Ireland to see my family, although I did manage to pick up the flu which was not so great! I'll do a little post on my time away in the next few days but first up is this long over due post featuring some very tasty oils from the lovely peeps over at Borderfields

I'm a sucker for flavoured oils so when offered to be apart of Borderfields #isBetter challenge I was quick to say yes. Borderfileds make top of the range rapeseed oils which are delicious and versatile, perfect for all your cooking needs. 

I was sent a great range of oils and couldn't wait to start trying them, the basil infused oil is perfect for dressing salads or drizzling over tuna, the chilli and garlic are great for roasting new pots and I made a fabulous cod dish with the lemon oil which is featured below. 

Baked Lemon and Pepper Cod with Coconut Kale, Mushrooms and New Pots


2 cod fillets
1 lemon
Borderfileds lemon infused oil
salt and pepper

large bunch of black kale
8 mushrooms
10 middle sized new pots - chopped into 4's & par boiled
coconut oil


Put oven on to heat (180), place the cod in tin foil and before wrapping grate lemon zest onto fillets then sprinkle with black pepper, slice the lemon and lay slices onto fillets then wrap and place on a baking tray. Once oven is at right temp put cod in and bake for 15-20 minutes depending on fillet size.

In a large frying pan add some coconut oil over a low heat. Slice kale and mushrooms, once oil has melted add them to the pan along with par boiled potatoes. Turn the heat up a little and season with salt and pepper. Carrying on cooking until the cod is baked, the pots should be nice and browned by then. 

Plate up the pots, mushrooms and kale add the cod on top and drizzle with Borderfields lemon unfused oil. Eat! 


Boy oh boy this was delicious, cod and lemon is the perfect flavour combo and the coconut thrown in too is a party in the mouth!  

These oils have a massive thumbs up from me, each one has a delicious flavour and I would definitely recommend you trying them if like me your into your cooking oils : )


Have you tried Borderfileds Oils?


  1. Ooh, I have these oils too so book-marking this as recipe inspiration! x

    1. Delicious aren't they, thanks for popping by x

  2. That baked cod looks so awesome, I need to make it happen asap!