Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Happy 34 to Me

Happy 1st of December everyone! Can you believe its nearly 2016?! I can't, this year has really gone quick but I gotta say its been the best year I've had in a long time but I shall be doing a post on that later in the month. 

November ended with me turning 34, another thing I cannot believe, I'm 34!! 

I had a wonderful birthday and for once I actually didn't go out so was fresh and ready to enjoy my birthday on Sunday. We got up and had a breakfast of gluten free croissants and almond milk latte's which was a very tasty start to the day. After a bit of lounging we headed of to Brighton for the day to get my birthday present, have some lunch and have a nose round the shops. We had a lovely lunch at Pho and although it was insanely windy the day was lots of fun. Then in the evening Dale's mum cooked us dinner and we chilled round hers. A very relaxed day turning 34 : )

What else happened last month? Well the last half of November was manic I did lots of overtime and attended a couple of days training which was great, I love it when work training is actually interesting and you come away feeling enlightened and ready to put what you've been taught into action! 

My diet hasn't been really that good the past month especially last weekend so I've decided to eat a lot more vegetarian food for the next few weeks like the above potato and veggie dish with loads of garlic and chilli. I'm well aware that Christmas is upon us and the rich foods at this time of year are all around so the more veggies I can get eating the better! 

Something else I got to do in November was try these new snack bars from Perkier. I'm a sucker for a snack bar, they are great to keep in your bag for those "I NEED FOOD" moments which I can get a lot when at work I can tell you! Perkier have created these yummy quinoa bars and an oat option, all gluten free and vegan which is a big tick for lots of us. I have enjoyed trying out the bars and have to say my favourite was the oat bar. The bars are quite sweet so I wouldn't eat them all the time but would definitely choose them again if I had a sweet tooth calling out for a fix! If you like snack bars I would say give these a go and see what you think. 

November was a great month and I can only imagine that December is going to be just as good, I have lots of things planned and lots of overtime to work so another busy month but thats all good for me. I hope you had a great November and are looking forward to all the festivities of the coming month : )


Have you tried the new Perkier bars, what did you think?