Thursday, 6 August 2015

Simple Savoury Food Ideas and Summer Walks

Hi all, how we doing? I am sending you a belated happy August as we are already six days in, crazy! I'm glad the nicer weather has decided to come back, the past few days have been glorious and I have been loving getting out for some long walks to enjoy it. 

August looks like its going to be a good month for me and as always very busy but I do have a whole 9 days off which I booked as holiday and I can't wait, some time off is definitely needed. Me and Dale are thinking of going on a fishing trip for a few days, there is a new tattoo planned and we are also staying with some friends in a lovely beach house near by so we'll be making use of our days off : )

The beginning of August started with a bang, I had a couple of tattoos done, went out to try a new burger place which was awesome and went out and had one too many drinks all in between work so there hasn't been much time for anything else. It looks like the month will continue in that way too but thats fine by me I'm loving life at the mo! 

In between all the madness I have been eating some yummy foods all of which are nice and simple to put together which as you know is my kinda food, so lets have a look shall we...

I made this really easy meal last night which was tasty and delicious. Potato wedges cooked in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper teamed with a chilli, mint and feta salad. This went down very easy and will be being made again.

You can't go wrong with some cooked mushrooms on toast, great if your in a hurry but would like something hot.

After a night out I am usually one to enjoy a full on breakfast but Sunday I decided against that and went for a smoked bacon and cheese sarnie with lots of spinach, yum!

We are still enjoying a super quick throw together red thai curry, this one was with quorn and was a winner all round.

Lastly is this really quick snack that I have been enjoying lately, just plain old rice cakes topped with mashed avocado, salt and pepper. This is great again if your in a rush but fancy something healthy. 

I don't get in the kitchen as much as I would like these days to conjure something up so these sorts of meals and snacks are what I'm all about right now. 

Along with everything else I have been loving my walks in the sunshine, I really do live in a pretty town which is great to walk around early in the morning when its quiet out and you can really soak up the surroundings. 

Well thats me, a little catch up for you. I have got some things planned on the blog this month so I will be trying my best to get on line and come say hi : )


What savoury food are you loving at the moment?

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