Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Holiday Fun at the Zoo, Carp Fishing and with Friends

Hello peeps, hows it going? Its been real quiet round here but I can assure you this side of the screen it definitely has not! The week before last I took a few extra shifts which meant a long work week with hardly anytime other than to sleep, then last week Dale and I booked the week off to hang out and have some well earned time off. 

I thought I'd share some pics from my time off and show you why I've been MIA : )

We started the with a weekend out with friends which was a fun time and thankfully we had plenty of time to nurse the hangover! 

On the Monday we went to the Zoo, Port Lympne, which was my choice. We were lucky to have a gorgeous sunny day, I love going to see the animals and the tiger below was basking in the sunshine...

It was a great day and we saw loads of beautiful animals, the day was finished with a yummy homemade dinner. I made a gluten free quiche at the weekend and we finished it up on the Monday. 

Tuesday we did things round the house and in town at a leisurely pace as well as get things ready for our fishing trip which was planned for the Wednesday. 

We hit the road Wednesday morning to go and visit a new lake for a couple of days with the hope of Dale catching a few fishy's : )

We chose a lovely little spot to camp while we were there. the lake was beautiful. 

The Wednesday was pretty crappy weather but we had tea and biscuits to get us through plus our little fishing tent cave which was actually quite cosy! Dale caught 2 fish that day so it was a good start to our trip. 

Thursday morning when I woke up I met this little guy outside the tent, love a toad!

Thursday morning Dale made breakfast which was awesome and just what we needed.

Gluten free bacon baps hello! 

Thursday turned out to be another good day for Dale, after wrestling a fish through the weeds in the lake from a tiny boat we caught the biggest fish from our two day stay....

All 36lb 8oz's of it! 

There were no more fish caught and by Friday morning it was time to go home, a successful trip and great to be away for a couple of days : )

The Friday we got home we both got a new tattoo then chilled out at home. Saturday we had a morning and afternoon of visiting family before going to our friends for the evening for a few ciders and some BBQ food....

The view from our friends whilst we ate, drank and chatted till late into the evening.

I also got to meet this beauty.

Sunday was our last day off and we spent most of the day at home chilling, I made a yummy gluten free banana and courgette cake which was perfect teamed with a cuppa. In the early evening we went to Dale's mums for another BBQ which was a lovely finish to our time off. 

It's back to the daily grind now but I certainly feel better having had some time to just hang out with the boy and relax. I can't believe we are nearly at the end of August, it's crazy! 
September there is so much going on I can't wait to get it started it's definitely going to be a fun month.


Have you had a fun August?


  1. It looks like you have been having so much fun and enjoying your time off. Your cake look divine, perfect with a cuppa!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Jemma, holiday was great and the cake even better!

  2. Wow lovely break, and food always tastes better outside, you make the most delicious looking meals... and cake yummy cake ..Happy Holidays x