Tuesday, 28 July 2015

New Products Tried and Tested by Moi

Hello everyone, I'm back as promised with some new products I've been trying out. The following items have either been sent to me as gifts to try out or I have got them myself and I wanted to share my thoughts with you because I'm pretty sure they would be right up your street! All thoughts and words are my own and this will be an honest review but I wouldn't give you anything less : )

Natures Path - Honey Sunrise

First up is this brightly coloured box of cereal from Natures Path, I have tried lots of their products and have never been disappointed so when offered to try out this new Honey Sunrise cereal I said a big yes! Before I tell you about the cereal I wanted to tell you about the great Bee Scene Campaign Natures Path is sponsoring this year, as we all know the lovely bee population has been declining due to agricultural practices and this campaign encourages families to get out and about to discover the nature on their doorsteps you can find out more here.

Ok the cereal! For me cereal is a bit of a treat as I can eat a box in a couple of days when I have it in the house who's with me on that?! I like the new Honey Sunrise cereal it tastes great and is gluten free so its a winner in my book, I did find it quite sweet so wouldn't eat it all the time but it make s a nice change and makes for a nice quick snack during the day not just for breakfast.

Steve's Leaves - Persian Cress & Herby Baby Leaves

Next up is some yummy salad from Steve's Leaves perfect for summer days, although with the grey sky outside my window right now I am wondering if summer has been and gone? When it comes to salad leaves I like to have a range of leaves like spinach, rocket and watercress I'm definitely not an iceberg lettuce kind of girl. I was more then happy to try out this new salad bag of Persian Cress and Herby Baby Leaves because it sounded really tasty and I can confirm it was! 

This salad tastes really fresh and the herbs in it bring an extra kick of flavour which works well, the persian cress has a peppery taste a bit like rocket which is very yummy. I could happily eat this everyday and I'll be looking out for other products from Steve's range for sure.

Hampstead Tea

Now lets talk tea, I drink the odd tea but when it comes to hot drinks I favour coffee or just plain hot water but chilled tea is definitely something I like especially when its flavoured so these Green and Oolong teas from Hampstead Tea are right up my street. Again perfect for a hot day straight from the fridge these drinks are a refreshing way to drink tea and the flavours work well.

My favourite's were the Green teas they are so good and I'll be looking out for these in the shops plus as they are organic and made with natural flavours they're a much better choice then something fizzy.

The Protein Works - Choc Almond Cinnamon Butter

I'm always on the look out for new nut butters and I recently came across The Protein Works range which are a little different to others I have tried so I got myself some to try out, I chose their  Choc Almond Cinnamon Butter and am happy I did it's a pretty tasty pot of goodness!

This almond butter has no nasties added to it and is a nice change from the plain stuff, for some reason it does taste like it has linseeds in it, it doesn't, but thats ok as I like the taste of them anyway! It won't replace my straight up nothing added almond butter but as I said its nice to have an alternative to choose from. 

Fitbit - One

Last but not least after eating all that food I need to burn it off and I've had some help tracking those calories I've been burring from this neat little device a Fitbit One. The Fitbit One tracks the steps you've taken, stairs climbed, calories burned, tracks your sleep and works as a watch which is pretty cool seen's as its a tiny little device you can clip on to your top or bottom's. It also links to your phone and the app gives you all your info which is great to keep track of your daily activity and gives you a little push when your slacking which is never a bad thing! I haven't taken my One off since I got it and would definitely recommend it if your looking for an exercise tracker. 

Alright thats all my reviews done and dusted hopefully you've enjoyed the read and maybe seen something you might like to try yourself. 


Have you tried and of the above, what did you think?


  1. That peach tea sounds lovely :)
    As does the Nature's Path cereal- I love their range, they have some more unusual flavours but really great ones- I like their maple one.
    I have a fit bit, but if I wear a dress with no pockets, it has no-where to go (I don't want to clip it in my bra like it suggests) so I have not worn it every day.

    1. The peach tea is really tasty : )
      I love all the Natures Path cereals too, great range for gluten free eaters!

  2. Thanks Tam I shall be indulging in most of those lovely recommendations, its alway good to hear an opinion , before shelling out the pennies, thank you x.
    I have a fitbit and find it invaluable for my running it even give you a breakdown of your heart rate and your fat burning /peak minutes...don't keep it on for sleep thoughI would rather not know how many times I wake up a night ha ha xx

    1. Hey Lynn thanks for popping by, glad you liked the read! Ha I love my Fitbit but it is shocking how much sleep I don't get! X