Wednesday, 8 July 2015

June 2015 Highlights in July

Well it would be fair for you to say "hello stranger" to me as its been rather quiet round her to say the least! I had all good intentions of blogging before I went away to Glastonbury but there was just no time and since getting back there hasn't been either so finally I am here to say hello and I hope your all well and having a fab July so far. 

So I don't bore you with way to many pictures I thought I would blog today about my June Highlights, I had a fantastic month and there was so much going on in went by in a flash! I had lots of fun days with friends and also tried a new to me product which is up first.....

teapigs matcha drinks and powder

The drinks I have never tried and was excited to as I have seen them about for a while, I loved the elderflower best and the apple came a close second but the grapefruit was definitely not for me.

Before my blender broke (booooooo hooooooo) I was enjoying some yummy smoothies with an added boost of matcha powder which went down very well. I am now just dreaming about smoothies as I can't afford a new blender right now : (

One Of My Best Friends Hen Party

Ha ha! Obviously a hew party is never complete without a penis straw! We had a great girlie night and gave her a good send off!

Wildlife Festival

The day after the hen party me and another friend went to Shoreham to spend the day at the Wildlife festival which was slightly painful with a hangover but I soon forgot about that as we were having so much fun: )

The people I was desperate to see was Disclosure and they didn't disappoint, the set was awesome and was well worth paying VIP to see : )

The Wedding

I was a bridesmaid at my friends wedding, which insanely I did not get any pics of, it was a lovely wedding, a lovely day and I think they are going to be super happy....I love a day of love! 


Well what can I say we had a blast, the weather was only crappy one day and we saw some great artists my favourites being Lionel Richie, Jamie T, The Libertines and Pharrell. It was five days of fun in the sun with great friends and a little too much cider! Roll on next year....if we get tickets of course! 

So that was my rushed June catch up, thank you for popping by to see what I've been up to, expect to see a lot more of me from now I have lots coming up so keep your eyes peeled : )


Tell me one of your June highlights....GO!


  1. Looks like an amazing month, especially Glastonbury...jealous! My bridesmaid bought those same cheeky straws for my hen do, so funny!

    1. It was and this one seems just as busy! Thanks for dropping by Jemma x

  2. Wow what a month, I'm surprised you had time to write this xxx glad you've been having a great timexx

    1. Ha ha me too! Thanks for popping by x

  3. Nice to see you back, Tamzin - very jealous of you going Glastonbury! Fingers crossed tickets for next year...

  4. Thanks Sophie! Yeah I've been lucky enough to go to 7 Glastonbury's but I am always keeping my fingers crossed for the next ticket sale! : )