Thursday, 4 June 2015

Eats and Exercise

Yay to the sunshine!! 
The weather today is glorious down here on the coast and I am keeping my fingers crossed that summer is here and there is lots more sun to come. This month has started with a bang and already been a busy few days. I am also in panic mode because as of yet I am still without a bridesmaid dress for my fiends wedding on the 20th of June, EEEEEEKKKK! I do have a dress here but it has a small pucker in the material and with no more left in my size I am not sure what to I ordered another dress which will be here tomorrow and fingers crossed it fits and looks good because its a beautiful dress and my favourite so far, only time will tell! 

Over the past week I have been busy in the kitchen making all sorts of wonderful tasting food which makes me happy, I love creating new meals and love eating them even more! 

Smoothies in a bowl are back and here to stay through the warmer months, I love that they are so easy to throw together are filling and contain lots of healthy ingredients. The perfect pre or post workout meal and I quite often have one for lunch too. 

I don't think I'll ever get bored of eggs and mushrooms for a quick and easy meal, this had some lacto free cheddar thrown into the mix which tasted awesome : )

I had a friend round for dinner last Sunday night and decided to try out a recipe from a new cook book I was sent to review I can confirm that this dinner was delicious and I will be sharing the recipe with you in my review post so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

A little while ago I picked up some Genius gluten free pastry from Tesco and I have to say its great. Gluten free pastry is so hard to make so being able to buy it pre-made is very appealing to me, I decided to put it to the test and made a feta, broccoli and mushroom quiche which was glorious. The pastry is delicious and it was nice to have something different, I never make quiche or pies because I'm useless at the pastry but not any more thank you Genius! 

Eating all this yummy food is great but its a good thing I exercise! Luckily I love to get moving and my workouts at the moment are really challenging but also lots of fun, I like nothing more then getting out and about in the sunshine to do workouts when the weather is like this and I have been taking full advantage.

Saturday morning I took a client and my TRX to a local park to get our sweat on. One of us worked on the TRX whilst the other ran circuits of the park and then we would switch. It was a great morning, great start to the day and I definitely felt like I had a good workout. 

Early morning power walks are wonderful along Hastings seafront in the summer and they are a great low impact workout to compliment the higher impact stuff I like to do. 

I'm also loving early morning runs along the seafront too which will be happening a lot more while the weather is good. 

Other workouts have been a mix of strength and HIIT, I'm loving the weights right now and am feeling a lot stronger which is a good feeling. 

Look out for my book review post coming up over the next few days, while I am out having fun at the weekend! I'm working tomorrow night then Saturday night I have my friends hen party and Sunday I am off to the Wildlife festival near Brighton which is gong to be awesome I'll be sure to tell you all about it. Have a great weekend peeps x x


What exercise are you loving at the moment?


  1. Ive started track/fell running, its fabulous, you can't go as fast, tree roots and rocks to watch out for, sometimes you end up climbing and walking, but you still get a great work out and can put in more mileage and do it more often than just running. Love your smoothie mixtures, must stop reading your posts late evening, they make me hungry ha ha xx

    1. That sounds like so much fun!! I'm guessing your back is behaving now?! I hope so, mine is usually it flares up now and again but not so often these days x

  2. Runs by the sea in the morning just sounds perfect :)

    1. Especially when the sun is shining x