Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Food, Fun and Fitness

Hello, how are we and how is May shaping up for you? I'm loving this month so far there has already been loads of fun and its only set to get better! Its been all go this side of the screen and here's why:

Last month me my sister and another friend all got chosen for bridesmaid duties at one of our best friends weddings which might I add is on the 20th of June so not long to get sorted! We still have our outfits to buy so the beginning of May has been all about finding something to wear, we still haven't decided yet but we need to quickly! With all of us working pretty heavy ours though its hard to fit in the time so the internet is getting pounded any spare moment.  


My food intake never seems to be affected though I can always find time to eat especially when almond butter is involved...

Gluten free oats with almond butter and coconut sugar is just bloody amazing and always sets me up for the day. 

Scrambled veggies and egg topped with almond butter makes a great lunch or breakfast to be honest and is super filling, I can't get enough of it : )

It hasn't been all about almond butter though.....

I got home after a 20hr shift yesterday and had my first smoothie in ages, I was actually greeted by Dale with this freshly made for me which was a right treat! Smoothie weather is definitely upon us. 

Then last night after a great outdoor workout with a client I made this tasty dish of tomato and chilli veggies topped with gluten free sausages, so good : )


Over the bank holiday weekend I met up with some friends one of which is pregnant for the first time which is sooooo exciting, I can't wait to meet the little nugget, roll on August! 

As I mentioned I have been searching for a bridesmaid outfit and last week me and the girls went to Bluewater shopping centre to hunt, we didn't find anything we could decide on but it was such a fun day with the girls trying on loads of outfits. 

Then this past weekend me and Dale went to his boss's wife's birthday party and had a fab time.....

Gotta love a party with a photo booth, after a few bevy's! 


The workouts have definitely picked up over the past few weeks I have been doing lots more home workouts including strength and HIIT and lots more outdoor running. I have been doing 2-3 runs a week and 2-3 home workouts which is definitely needed before the wedding and of course Glastonbury, I have high hopes that this year its going to be a dry one...please : )

I also do at least one long walk a week with a client which is always a fab way to start the day especially when we walk along the seafront. 

I can't believe this month is almost half way through and with so much going on over the next few months this year is gonna be over sooner then I know it I guess thats the same for most of us though ay?!


What has May been like for you so far?


  1. Glad everything is going well for you- very busy though!
    I am hoping this lovely weather is here to stay for a bit now!

    1. Thanks Maria, you spoke too soon it's so grey today!! Let's hope it turns around and sun comes back : )