Saturday, 2 May 2015

April 2015 in Pictures

Hello! Well its been a long time since I came by to say hi hasn't it!? I decided to take a month off from social media and take a step back from the blog, my Instagram account and Facebook. I have dropped in a bit on the the other sites but not much as I just needed to cut myself off for a bit. With my new job and still training clients I am working a lot and really felt the need to just relax in my free time and see my friends and family rather then sitting at a computer screen and its been good but I do miss blogging so I am back! 

April has been a good month I have had lots of fun with Dale, friends and family. I have been getting out and doing lots of workouts and eating some very tasty foods so I thought this post could be an avalanche of photos for you to see whats been going on this month so sit back grab a cuppa and enjoy this phono marathon! 

Food Glorious Food

I made a glorious banana and carrot cake which went down a treat.

I discovered M&S have a great gluten free range including a poppy seed loaf which is awesome teamed with raspberry jam.

Quick and easy dishes with eggs and veggies is still a go to meal for me. 

I enjoyed some cereal to change things up at breakfast time.

I also got back to having some savoury breakfasts, you can't beat chicken with avocado to start the day!

I suffered from a killer cold which only lasted a few days thank god, I think meals packed with veggies and LOTS of garlic like this pasta dish helped : )

I discovered the new Nakd nibbles which are rather tasty I think my favourite so far would have to be the salted caramel, yummy! 

I treated myself to some peppered smoked mackerel which remmed me how much I love it and it will be eaten a lot more! 

Me and Dale got a day off together and started it by going for breakfast on a big red bus.....

I enjoyed every bite of this bad boy!

It was really fun and really tasty, I think me and Dale will be revisiting the bus for another breakfast for sure.

Getting Out and About

After our breakfast we went fishing for the day which was really relaxing.

I have got out for lots of morning walks and enjoyed the weather getting warmer. 

I have also stepped up the running and been getting 2-3 in a week on top of my home workouts, summer is coming and I definitely need to step it up a little! 

Everything Else

I looked after me sisters kitty cats while she enjoyed some time in Paris.

I got my fringe cut a little shorter and spent a few nights out with friends.

I ended the month with a day trip to Brighton with my friend Wayne and we took some time to sit in the sun and watch the world go by. 

As you can see although I haven't been here I have been doing lots, I hope you too had a fabulous April. I'm looking forward to catching up with all your blogs and getting back to blogging x


How was April for you?


  1. Hello again! Some lovely photos there- you are so lucky to live by the sea.

    1. Hello Maria! Yes I think that every time I'm down in the seafront it's lovely x

  2. Also a big fan of the salted caramel Nakd nibbles!
    Love the breakfast on the bus idea. A Full English anywhere else afterwards would just not seem the same!

    1. It's a very quirky way to get breakfast but definitely worth it the breakfast was awesome!

  3. Looks like you have been having fun. I love those salted caramel nibbles, yum.

    1. Yep lots of fun has benn had! I know very addictive!

  4. Wow that bus restaurant looks amazing!!! How cool! Must check that out at some point when I'm next over that way.
    Sounds like all is going well for you :-D Good to hear!

    1. Thanks Anna! Yeah the bus is pretty cool and the breakfast is fab x