Friday, 29 May 2015

5 Things I'm Loving - May 2015

Hello and Happy Friday!! 

I'm so glad its the weekend tomorrow I have one client Saturday morning then two days to myself to just relax and chill which is going to be bloody lovely! I have been waiting for this weekend for which seems like forever so I am going to enjoy having some free time especially as June is going to be another full on month. I have all my weekends used up already with two festivals a wedding and work so its going to be another month that flies by I'm sure. 

But before we talk about June lets finish of May shall we? I have been loving lots this month but I have 5 things that definitely come to mind which I thought I would share with you...


Now the weather has started to warm up I am back on the smoothie train and I am so glad because a smoothie is just sooooo good especially when eaten from a bowl right? I have been adding in lots of good fats like almond butter and avocado so they are super filling as well as delicious. I will have to post some recipes soon because I know you guys would love the flavours of these : )


I get weekly and sometimes daily pictures of my gorgeous nephew, I know I'm bias but he is the cutest little boy I think I've ever set my eyes on just look at him! He brings joy to my life thats for sure.


Ok Dale fishing and me joining him for overnight stays at the lake. After a busy work week its a pretty great relief to just sit and listen to nature hanging with the man not having to do anything other then chat, read or just be, until he catches a fish that is then its all go! 

Nakd Nibbles 

I saw the Nakd Nibbles in a shop a while ago (bottom pic) and just had to try them. I thought they were nice and the salted caramel where a definite favourite so when I was asked if I would like some samples to try (top pic) I said a big yes. I really liked the mint humbug flavour but the other two not so much they tasted a bit strange to me I think you can taste the natural flavours they add a little too much. I would definitely eat the salted caramel and the humbug ones again they are a great handbag snack. 

Blended Americano's

Another thing I love when the weather fairs is blended americanos, just water, coffee and ice they are so refreshing with a great caffeine kick but no calories so they are guilt free which is a bonus especially as the usual blended drinks are calorific! 

So guys those are some of the things I been loving this month and I am sure June will bring lots of new things that I will be able to share with you.


What have you been loving in May?


  1. I've heard so many good things about the Nakd nibbles. I really enjoy their crunch range they have at the moment (the bars with a bit more protein).
    I've been loving the (intermittent) sunshine! And being woken up gently by the sunlight in the morning. Bliss!

    1. I am addicted to the nakd bars they are definitely my go to snack the nibbles are nice but the flavours aren't all as good as the plain bars. Sunlight in the morning is one of my favourite things during this time of year 😊

  2. Those Nakd Nibbles are fab, the salted caramel and coconut flavours the most. I;ve been loving pilates, smoothies and lots of mummy and baby dates with friends.

    1. I desperately want to start doing a yoga class but it's just finding the time! Yep salted caramel nibbles are pretty damn good!

  3. wonderful food suggestions yummy x Have a wonderful weekend x