Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Where Did March Go?

Well blogging more definitely didn't happen this month! I can't believe its the last day of March already, the past couple of weeks have been crazy so much to do which has left little time for anything else which has meant the blog was slightly forgotten sorry! 

I hope everyone has had a good March? I've had a great month but it has whizzed by so fast! The past couple of weeks has been pretty much all work and a tiny bit of play. I had to get my work training folder finished by last Thursday and I pleased to say it was signed off with everything complete and correct yay! That means I just have to wait till June now to become an official member of staff and things are looking good so I'm not too worried. One of the other support workers has just left to relocate elsewhere and I have actually asked to go up in hours which was agreed so I will be working a bit more, just shows how much I love it!

Other then support work I am still training a few clients which is good and I have spent some time with friends which is always a must when we are free at the same time. I have also been eating some yummy foods and walking a lot. Unfortunately after going on about how good my back was feeling it went agin a couple of weeks ago after some stupid exercise move I did which I will not be doing again! So although it has got back to feeling fine quite quickly I am being very careful and was just walking for a couple of weeks but I am now able to add some running in too which is fab. I will be getting back to some other workouts after this week as long as my back is still feeling good. 

I haven't actually taken many pics this month but I did have a few stored up so thought I would share them with you.......

I have recently discovered some gluten free fruit bread and topped with butter and cheese, both lactose free, is bloody delicious! Not something I need to be eating everyday but definitely good for a treat breakfast.

I made me and Dale some spicy peanut chicken the other day which was so tasty, although very rich! I made the sauce by mixing peanut butter, tamari, red thai chilly paste and tom puree so very easy to do and it packs a flavour punch! 

Another gluten free treat was had on Sunday morning in the form of onion bagels with bacon and egg a great Sunday breakfast.

We took Dale's sister'd dog out for a walk round some local woods last week while the sun was shining which was fun, I love a good wood walk especially when I am joined by my favourite pup. 

As I mentioned I have been walking lots and its been at all times of the day, I went the other evening around 5pm as the sun was starting to set and the view was beautiful, I love walking along the seafront which my music on, having time to have a good think : )

So that's me, a very quiet month on the blog but very busy this side of the screen I am hoping I can pop by a little more often in April but no promise....


How has March been for you?


  1. Sounds like you have been super busy and really enjoying work, which can be so refreshing to read these days. I hope you have a wonderful April.

    1. Thanks Jemma hope your April is fab too x

  2. So busy! So glad your job is going well as well :-) But sorry about your back - be gentle with yourself!
    That peanut sauce meal sounds deeelicious!

    1. Thanks Anna, yep being very careful!

  3. Glad everything is going so well with your job :)
    Walking by the sea is so relaxing- enjoy.

    1. Thanks Maria, I love my seafront walk/runs the sound of sea when no one else is around is very relaxing x