Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Goodbye February Hello March - Blogging Goals and Savoury Foods

Well can you believe its March already? It definitely came round quickly, last month was great for me so before we talk about this one I'll back track to February first and see how I did on those blogging goals I set for myself. 

I managed to complete four of the five blogging goals which isn't too bad, I shared my Review Post, I wrote a "5 Things I'm Loving" and "A Day In The Life" post as well as sharing some new Recipes. I am still not getting on here as much as I would like but thats just the way things are right now, I am going to set myself some more blogging goals for March and try to get on here a little more if possible. 

March Blogging Goals

Write a "Currently" post - the one I missed in February

Post a gluten free pancake recipe - for a reader

Write a "5 Things I'm Loving in March" post

I'm going to stick to three this month and try and get on here more featuring foods and just life going's on and we'll see how I go. 

One thing that has been on point last month and will be continuing this month is my love of savoury foods. I have been making some really tasty dishes and the pictures have been clogging up my camera roll so here are a few that I thought you might like......

Garlic and chilli roasted squash topped with sticky tomato and tamari chicken with mushrooms and cabbage. 

Eggs, mushrooms and carrot ribbons cooked in coconut oil with a side of avocado.

Roasted herb chicken stuffed with soft goats cheese served with green veggies.

Baked mini sweet potato topped with tomato and chill chickpeas and veggies plus feta. 

All of the above were super tasty and a pleasure to eat even if I do say so myself! I'm loving all these hot foods but I am looking forward to eating lots of salads once the weather starts to warm up and it feels like its on its way, I went for a glorious walk in the sun yesterday all be it very windy but it was so pretty down by the sea I didn't care that the wind was freezing! 

Right time to get ready for my next client, have a great hump day readers x x


Did you have any February goals, how did you do?


  1. Lots of lovely savoury food in this post. I really like the look of the baked sweet potato with chickpeas. Hope March is good to you.

    1. Thanks, I hope March is a good one for you too x