Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Hi all, I hope you having a good week? I am up to the eyeballs in course work for my Support Worker job and I felt like taking a break so here I am : )

One of my March blogging goals was to do a Currently post and here it is, so read on to find out some of things that are currently going on in my world....


Mostly sugar free but I did crack and make a homemade cake yesterday! To be fair this banana and carrot cake is very low sugar compared to something I would buy in the shops. It has 2 bananas and 50g for coconut sugar which is not exactly bad so I am enjoying it and will hopefully not get too many skin out breaks!


That the last time I wrote a Currently post was back in November and I was thinking about how I really wanted to do well in my interview and get the job which I now have which is a great feeling. I now just have to pass my 6 month probation (which is June) to be an official member of staff so lets keep our fingers crossed for me : )


Everything and anything! One thing I still find time for is my Pinterest addiction and with nearly 200,000 followers I need to keep them happy and keep pinning! Check out my boards they are filled with all sorts of things from amazing recipes to style ideas.


The sunshine! It maybe a little chilly out of the sun but man am I loving the sun at the moment. It makes me feel excited for the summer months which will be here quicker then we know it yay!


Like I want to move, me and Dale have lived in our little one bedroom flat for over two years now and I am ready to move on. We desperately need more space what with my fitness gear and Dale's fishing stuff I am feeling smothered so its time to start looking for a new place. We are little limited due to Sid and the need for a garden but I am sure something will turn up.


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The Libertines are at Glastonbury along with the Strokes and lots of other bands I love. I hate the fact that the Glastonbury line up is kept secret for so long but it does add to the excitement I guess.


You guys for still popping by even though my posts are few and far between. I could try and post more and more but I think me going on about being busy and working all the time would be a bit boring somehow. This way I can keep my blog alive and it still be something people might like to read : )


To walk more which is due to the nice weather. Last year when I hurt my back all I could do was walk for exercise but it was summer time so getting out wasn't exactly a chore but as the weather got colder and my back pain free I worked more on home fitness and getting my my back really strong. Now its back to being as strong as it was and I can do my usual high intensity workouts I am teaming them with more walking and I have to admit its probably one of my favourite ways to spend free time, when the weather is good of course!


Whats current in your life?


  1. Glad to hear the back is improving :-)
    The banana and carrot cake sounds lush!

    1. It really is, feels like a never hurt it these days! I'm still having sports massages to keep it in check but it feels great. The cake was damn fine!

  2. The banana and carrot cake instantly caught my eye, yum!

    1. Even better warmed up and topped with a little coconut oil : )

  3. Mmm that cake sounds good.
    Glad everything is going well with your job :)