Wednesday, 18 March 2015

5 Things I'm Loving - March 2015

Hello! Well its been a while so I thought it was high time to check in with you guys, how we doing?
I'm all good, this past week and half has been a little more busy for me as I have had to make sure my work folder is all up to date and completed for my manager to check it over today before it gets signed off next week, exciting stuff! Hopefully its all correct and I will then just be awaiting my complete 6 month sign off in June all going to plan : )

Along with work at the house, training clients and getting my folder done I have been spending time with my sister and Dale as well as catching up with friends over coffee and its now time to catch up with you! Todays post is all about 5 things I am loving this month so far, sit back grab a cuppa and enjoy the read.....

My Motivational Quote

I was asked by the peeps over at AXA PPP Healthcare to write a motivational quote for them to feature and above is the finished result, a quote that has definitely proven right for me. 

Finding Awesome Recipes on Pinterest

As you all know I am a keen pinner and there is nothing better then finding an awesome recipe that tastes just as good as it looks on the blog you find it. I pinned this delicious lentil and rice curry the other day and decided to make it for me and my sister when she came to stay on Saturday night, the recipe was easy and will definitely be made again so yummy! I left out the cilantro cashew sauce but it didn't matter at all, you can fine the recipe here

Choc Shot Orange Spice

I am a fan of the first chocolate flavoured Choc Shot from Sweet Freedom so when asked if I would like a sample of the new orange spice flavour I said a big YES! Just as good as the original this is perfect on top of porridge if you like to indulge or as a hot chocolate and with it being low in calories you can feel good about it not ruining a healthy diet. Definitely one to try if like me your a lover of chocolate and orange as a combo. 

Red Lips

For me a girl can never go wrong with some red lippy and these days when I'm not working I love a bit of slap! Ha 


As you know my little sis lives in Ireland so we keep in contact through Skype and Viber and the joy I get when Leah sends me a photo of this little man is hard to put into words. He is the cutest little boy and his little face keeps me smiling all day, I can't wait till we can go and see him to get as many cuddles as possible, look at his face too cute!! 


What are you loving this March?


  1. I love Chocshot, but haven't come across that new flavour yet. It sounds divine!

  2. I am loving the lighter evenings- soon I shall be running on the fields whenever I want :)

    1. Me too and mornings so nice to wake up to some light makes me want to get up and out!

  3. Ooh see I'm just not a fan of chocolate orange as a flavour combo. I know it's a bit weird as it's such a classic but I'm just not a fan. Without the orange though that choc shot sounds great! chocolate and mint - now THAT'S a flavour combo I love.
    I'm loving the warmer weather! Soon it will be "no coat" weather!

    1. Ooooooo they should definitely make a choc mint one my fav choc combo too!!!