Wednesday, 4 February 2015

February Blogging Goals and a Reality Check

Photo Credit - Oh Sweet Joy

Well it seems like it was only Christmas yesterday but here we are already in February, can you believe it?! January whizzed by for me as you are well aware with my new job and still training clients and not much time for anything else. It was pretty much all work and no play, well there was one night out which left me with a hideous hangover but that I am choosing to forget!

January can be wrapped up quite quickly really it was a great month and I've had a permanent smile on my face! I started my new job as a support worker and feel it was one of the best job decisions I have ever made I am loving my new role it definitely keeps me on my toes! Work with clients has been really good also, goals are being made and I have also taken on some new clients which is fab. My training has been great this month, I have started running a little bit and my home sessions are going from strength to strength and I am feeling way stronger then I did last year so I am super happy with that. Me and Dale are really happy too, 2015 has started on a great note the only thing that has suffered this month is my blogging, apologies! I was really hoping to be able to manage my time better for February but it seems its another month with only four days off, not the best but I intend to thoroughly enjoy those four days thats for sure : )

February is not just busy with work I have lots of things planned which I will hopefully have time to share with you over the month. I also have some monthly blogging goals to try and keep me accountable on here:

February Blogging Goals

Write a "Currently" post.

Write a "5 Things I'm Loving Right Now" post.

Write a "Day In The Life" post.

Post some new recipes.

Write my Reviews post.

So thats at least 5 or more posts and if I can pop in a little more over the month I will be happy with that. Last month was a nice little reality check for me, I spent that past two years wanting my blog to make me some money and it started to really get on top of me and writing became a chore almost so I am really happy to just get back to blogging for me and seeing where it takes me without any pressures of needing to make extra cash. I kind of lost sight of why I started this little space I can call my own and I am looking forward to getting back to basics and having some fun, I hope you will continue to read and accompany me on this journey : )


How was January for you?

Have you made any February goals?


  1. January was not the greatest month. I lost some of the muscle tone I earned from months and months of hard work and I let it get to me. I've been working away and studying hard and neglecting training and eating well.

    The plan for February is to get back to a better physique and maybe even beyond where I was just after Christmas and to kick ass after passing my exams! Bring it on. Thanks for the positive post.

    1. Good luck with February! Remember muscle has a great memory so I am sure you will be back to where you were in no time x

  2. January was quiet but good! My goal for Feb is to increase my cardio & reach my body fat % goal! Looking forward to your February posts :)

    Christy x
    Dinner Stories

    1. Glad to hear your first month of 2015 was a good one, good luck for February goals x