Saturday, 7 February 2015

A Trip To The Kinesiologist....

Happy Saturday peeps! I hope you all had a good start to this new month? Mine has been good but much the same as the last....busy! 

One thing I have done this week out of the norm was go and see a Kinesiologist ( called Beryl) about my ever lasting skin problem. I have tried everything from antibiotics to special creams and pretty much anything you can think of so after visiting Beryl in the past and having great results for other issues I thought it was high time to go back. 

I am so self conscious about my skin and ever since stopping the antibiotics its got worse and now even spread to my chest and back (urgh that was hard to write) it gets to the point where I hate people looking at me and I become really moody and upset and thats just not how I like to be so enough is enough! 

I went to see Beryl on Thursday morning and it seems there are a few issues causing my pimples shall we say which are food and product related as well as having blocked lymph nodes. After a killer massage on my lymph nodes which nearly bought me to tears we discussed what I am going to have to do for the next couple of months and the things that have got to change which are: 

No Sugar - at all not even a grain, no fruit, no coconut sugar no nothing! This is obviously quite hard purely because so much has sugar in it but I have done it before to get rid of Candida years ago so am confident I can do it again it will just mean being very organised, every label and resisting temptation. 

No Lactose - I can have lacto free cheese and milk though which helps, this again is quite easy as I ate lactose free for a long time before going out with Dale, it seems things have lapsed a little since having a boyfriend and my skin has taken the hit!

No Chemicals on the skin - make up, face washes, shower gels etc. This one is tough purely because I hide behind make up so I have decided if I go out on the town (which is hardly ever) then I will wear a little make up but other then that its a bare face. I can only use olive oil soap on my skin and coconut oil which is obviously a great beauty product so I'll role with it : )

Lucky for me I do love all food and savoury foods can be just as good if not better then sweet stuff and I have been enjoying lots of options already like rice cakes topped with nut butter, lacto free cheese and cucumber yum! 

Tuna salad with vegan mayo is a great alternative to the normal mayo which has sugar in it plus with the raw veggies its really filling.

Gluten free lacto free cheese toasted sarnies, OMG so good!

Garlic and chill roasted butternut squash with tomato and veggie pork mince filling, love this one! 

I haven't worn any makeup (other then on my eyes) since thursday and have only used the olive oil soap to wash with plus no sugar has passed my lips and I am already seeing a difference so fingers crossed I am on the right track and I will be saying farewell to my crappy skin! I will keep you updated on how it goes, I should have taken some photos of my skin at its worse and how it improves but to be honest I don't think I would have the guts to post them so you'll just have to go by me telling you, hope thats ok : )


Have you ever had bad skin/acne problems, how did you deal with it or is it still an issue?


  1. Hope you get on OK. I never wear makeup, but I have friends who would not even go to the shops without makeup on, so it must be tough if you are not used to it. I have really sensitive skin so anything irritates it- wearing foundation used to make my skin feel like it was burning, and as well as itchy eyes I used to get a headache if I wore mascara. Now I still have dry skin, so if I go out in the cold for a run or something I put face cream on (I use the Lush celestial one as that does not irritate) and also some hand cream as otherwise my hands crack- seems to do the trick. But I have to wash my face as soon as I get in too.

    1. Thanks Maria, the no make up thing is going ok and my skin is feeling way better already but I don't think I'd ever be confident to go out on the town without any!