Saturday, 28 February 2015

A Day In The Life - Friday February 27th

Happy Saturday folks, I hope you've had a good week? One of my blogging goals this month was to write a "Day In The Life" post and here it is just making the February cut! This is an average Friday for me these days and I thought I'd give you a little peak into how my new work life fits in with the old one : )

5.42am Jump out of bed throw on some clothes and get ready in 8 minutes to leave the house! 
( I love waking up to this cutie!)

6am Arrive at my first clients house for an hour of personal training.

7.10am Arrive home ready for my next client.

7.20am Hit the streets with client no2 for an early morning power walk.

We walked along the seafront.....

Up the East Hill and back to mine....

8.50am Arrive back home 10,000+ steps later! 

9am Shower and get ready for the day.

9.20am Have some much needed breakfast. I ate rice cakes topped with almond butter and lacto-free cheese one the best flavour combos, so good! 

10am Train my next client via Skype

11.15am Another client arrived at mine for an hours training. 

12.30pm Get my bag and dinner ready for work at the house later.

1pm Make lunch. I had eggs and mushrooms coked in coconut oil, a mini sweet potato and 1/2 an avocado. What a tasty lunch : )

1.45pm Meet my friend Wayne for a coffee and a catch up before work.

3pm Start work at the house, we get there at 3 ready for the arrival of all the tenants which is between 3.45-4pm.

4.15pm Accompany one of the ladies to the chiropodists.

5pm Get back to the house and get paper work ready for one of the tenants planning meeting's while they all eat dinner. I ate some plain gluten free oat cakes for a snack here to. 

6pm Complete planning meeting with tenant.

7.15pm Eat dinner. I had a rice and feta salad which was delicious.

7.30pm Administer some of the tenants medications.

7.45pm Take two of the ladies into town for a Friday night drink. We sat in a quiet little bar and chatted : )

8.50pm Arrive home and sot out monies and update tenants files. 

9.10pm Administer more medication and up date files. 

9.20pm Sign off all of my days paperwork. 

9.40pm All done and time to get off home. 

10pm Arrive home after filling up the petrol tank on the way, I'm beat! 

10.40pm All ready for bed its time to collapse into dream world......

And there we have it an average day for me, busy right? There are a lot more things I do on a shift at work but listing them all would be pretty boring so I listed the main things to give you an idea. I literally don't stop from the moment I get to the house until I leave be that the same day or a 24hr shift but I really love it, such a great rewarding job and lots of fun..mostly! 

Enjoy your weekend x


  1. Oh my word - how busy are you?! Amazing!

    1. Ha I know! Definitely enjoying having the weekend off : )

  2. Glad you are enjoying it :) Even though it sounds very busy!

    1. Thanks Maria I really am, yes it's crazy busy but it makes a nice change to my life before which was only busy on a occasions x

  3. Sounds like you are really loving your new job, which is always wonderful to hear.

    1. I so am, definitely the tight career move : )