Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Year, New Goals, New Me

This time of year so many of us make resolutions or goals and I am definitely jumping on the band wagon and making some of my own. I found this list on Pinterest and loved it, all of the things on this list I want to make a priority this year to me feel fabulous!  

picture credit - Thyme is Honey

As well as working on all of the above I have some other goals personal to me which are:

1. Succeed in my new job role and in six months become a permanent member of staff.

My new job is a 6 month temporary contract until I have completed all my training and passed all the KPI's etc so I am making it my mission to pass with flying colours and get a permanent contract. 

2. Lose the gained festive weight.

Oh yes I am pretty sure I am not alone with this one, my 5:2 dieting went out the window over the festive period and I ate lots of rich foods so I am back on the fast train as well as upping my exercise and eating of veggies. 

3. Have fun and go on holidays

Last year due to money issues me and Dale didn't really get to do a whole lot so this year we plan to have lots of fun together as well as doing our own stuff, so keep your eyes peeled for some fun times that will be enjoyed this year. 

4. Make time to blog and grow my site

Definitely something I want to do this year is change up my blog a little and make it a bit more shiny and new...watch this space! 

All of the above are goals that will be achieved gradually throughout the year and you will see them happen as I blog about them : )


Did you make any New Year goals?


  1. I pinned that same list on Pinterest too and thought it was great. I'm all for feeling fabulous in 2015 too, having a little on has left me feeling a bit rough around the edges. Good luck in achieving your goals!

    1. It's a great list isn't it! Yes here's to feeling fabulous in 2015 x

  2. I think your goals sound brill! That list from Pinterest looks really good - I think we just need reminders through the year to just be better versions of ourselves. Not change dramatically, but just do those little things each day that make us better people.

    1. Thanks Anna, I totally agree being a better version of ones self is a good goal to have x

  3. Great goals! I definitely want to sort myself out and feel healthier, fitter and stronger. I've already lost 3lbs this week so I'm chuffed with that!

    1. Go you!!! I've still not been brave enough to get on the scales!! Leaving that till next week!! X