Friday, 16 January 2015

Its All Go

Well here we are coming to the end of the second full week of January and its all go thats for sure! Along with starting my new job I am training clients still and doing my own training which is why my time is being all used up and with sleep of course! This month I have had to work as much as possible due to not being paid from the new job till the end of January but I plan to book clients in a little more wisely in February so I get some proper days off, I don't want to burn out.

Because I have been so busy I haven't been able to do lots of the things on here that I wanted, I have some product and book reviews to share with you but they will probably have to wait till February now and I will book in some blogging days, I definitely need to I miss writing on here and catching up with you all : )

My new job as I have mentioned is going really well, there is so much to learn and getting to know the tenants in my house is lots of fun. My new work colleagues are all really nice and helpful too which is making things nice and easy to settle in. My new job is working with people that have learning difficulties (if you didn't catch that post) and its a real eye opener, I definitely feel like this was meant to be and its going to be an exciting ride! 

My other job as a personal trainer is also still going well, I am very lucky to have loyal clients that have trained with me for a long time now and they are all happy to fit round my new job which is fantastic for me. My own training is all good too, I am loving working out and getting back into some running although this wet and windy weather has kept me inside working out most of this week hopefully the rain will stay away tomorrow as I have a planned session outside with a client including a lot of steps, its gonna be a killer! 

Food again this week has been really good I still get my organic veg box from Abel and Cole every Friday which is great for mixing up my meal ideas. One thing I am having to get used to is being prepared for my shifts with snacks and healthy meals but I seem to have got back into it quite easily, I hate being caught out with nothing to eat! I haven't taken loads of food pics lately because I just don't have time to blog about it all but I have got a few so here's some of what I have been chomping this week....

Eggs are always featuring in my diet because I love them and they keep me full for ages which is good when I am so busy. I also love how versatile eggs are : )

I definitely need healthy snacks on hand which are easy to pop in my bag and as I just haven't had time to make any of my own I took advantage of a recent deal and bulk bought some nakd bars. The bakewell tart ones are my new favourite but you can never go wrong with the cocoa delight if your in need of a chocolate fix! 

I took a visit to the butchers earlier in the week and picked up some mince, Dale loves beef mince so I cooked it with lots of veggies to keep it healthy and it was a very tasty meal. 

Last night I had to make use of the things left over before my new veg box arrives today so I made a meal that turned out even better then I thought it would, always good when that happens! This was spicy pumpkin and tomato chickpeas with a feta and basil crumble plus potato wedges, yum! 

Today starts my heavy weekend of work at the house, I have shifts now till Tuesday morning so its gonna be pretty exhausting. I shall catch up with you all next week, have a great weekend readers! 


How's the first month of 2015 treating you?


  1. I love the look of that last meal! Yum. Sorry to hear you're so busy right now but like you said, it'll get less stressful soon. Fingers crossed you get there in one piece!

  2. Wow, you do sound super busy! I love those Bakewell Tart bars, I could do with a big box of them like that myself.

  3. Mmm I love the bakewell tart nakd bars :)

  4. Being that busy sure does sound stressful... :-( At least you have the bakewell tart bars to make everything better! :-)