Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Food For Fuel and Pleasure

Another week has passed and I finally have time to pop in, so hello guys! I hope your all enjoying the last week of January, can you believe its almost over and we will be saying hello to February in a few days?! This month has gone quickly but to be honest I'm happy about that purely because February should be a little less hectic once I organise my time a little better. 

I may have been really busy but I have been making sure to eat well and keep the energy levels up so I don't flake. One way of doing that has been to start the day with a hearty bowl of porridge which has obviously been pimped! Here are my three favourites from the past week.....

I used Natures Path gluten free spiced apple oats and topped with coconut sugar and almond butter, winner!!

Plain oats topped with coconut sugar and toasted seeds, I love raw seeds but toasting them really brings the flavour out yummy : )

Lastly was this bowl of joy, plain oats with banana and toasted coconut, again toasting the coconut brings out the flavour. 

This past weekend was my first off all month and I definitely made the most of it. Friday I did have a few clients to train but I found some time to get in the kitchen and finally do some baking!!

I made some gluten free chocolate chip and raisin cookies, well they were more like cake/cookies but they were damn fine so thats all that matters. I used all healthy ingredients (other than the chocolate) and they didn't last long, me and Dale chewed these down in no time! I will post the recipe soon I promise : )

Saturday I spent the morning sorting out my tax return (boring!) and getting it sorted online then the evening me and Dale hit the town for a friends birthday drinks. Hmmmm definitely one to many vodkas which meant Sunday started with a very mean hangover! 

A couple of pain killers and we were off to meet my family for coffee and after that we went out for lunch which was a little disappointing to be honest but good not to have to make it ourselves. 

By sunday night I was really flagging and the thought of cooking was not appealing so we got pizza, gluten free for me from Pizza Express and it was delicious. Topped with roasted veggies, chicken and pesto and I enjoyed every bite. So Sunday was a definite right off for good eating but hey its ok once in a while and I'm not gonna lie and say I eat healthy all the time cause that just ain't true! 

Busyness hasn't let my exercise regime suffer, I have been managing to fit in at least 5 workouts which I'm happy about. I have been loving my runs and strength routines which have got the blood pumping, if I don't make time to workout I feel crap so its gotta be done! 

Well peeps thats my little update, I hope to get back in the next couple of days to share my yummy recipe with you but I am working now till Monday all sorts of unsociable hours so we shall see. Have a great rest of your week and enjoy the last weekend in January x x


Do you always fined time to work out?


  1. I've been eating a lot of porridge this week too. Your cookies look amazing, looking forward to the recipe.

    1. Definitely the best thing on a cold frosty morning! The cookies were really good hopefully get the recipe up soon x

  2. I have to re-jig things sometimes to fit things in. At the moment I am doing the jantastic challenge so I do get a bit obsessed with getting my 4 runs in. But then body pump class was full this evening, so I can't do that, and I have a lot of work so I shall not stress about it.

    1. Time can definitely be a juggling act sometimes can't it?! X