Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Birthday Weekend Recap

Hello and Happy December!! I hope you all had a fab end to month I know I did! I had the best birthday so I thought I would recap it for you purely because there was so much glorious food consumed it would be crazy not to show you it! 

My birthday was Saturday 29th but the celebrations started on the Friday before with a girly bring a dish lunch at mine. I had four friends round including my sister Jes for a yummy food frenzy, I'm very lucky to have such talented friends when it comes to cooking : )

I made a couple of offerings to the meal, a yummy rice and carrot salad based on this recipe I found on  Pinterest, I just changed it up a little by using rice and maple syrup.

I also made some spicy chickpeas and made sure there was a bowl of salad leaves.

Others bought homemade smoked mackerel, a few cheeses, olives, stilton and pear quiche and gluten free crackers. A proper feast and that was just the savouries! 

One friend made these amazing dairy and gluten free truffles. OMG these were amazing she is one talented lady when it comes to chocolate making! There were three types, honey and bees pollen, vanilla and cacao nib plus pistachio and rose which were my particular favourite. 

The other pudding was this beautifully made gluten free bakewell tart especially made with no icing for me as I hate the stuff! 

This was glorious and I enjoyed every bite! 

After lunch me and one of the girls popped into town and I bought some rather snazzy gold sequinned trousers for my birthday night out, I didn't actually know what I was doing but I had a feeling it would involve going into town so I decided I needed some disco trousers! Friday night I just stayed in with Dale and we had a very tasty dinner which I will be blogging about soon, it involves chestnuts and was delicious! 

My Birthday

After a little lay in on Saturday morning I got up and made coffee while Dale made me a yummy bacon and lettuce birthday butty. A great start to the day and once it had settled we got ready to go out. 

The morning was spent with my family, my grandma was over so I got to have coffee with her which was the best birthday gift, I hadn't seen her for about two years so I was stoked to be hanging with her and the rest of my crew : )

The afternoon was spent going to town and also going to see Dale's mum and stepdad until about 6ish when Dale informed me it was time to go get ready, for what I didn't know but I was getting excited! Once the disco trousers were on we got a cab to town.

Dale then surprised me with a meal in a new restaurant I have been wanting to try for ages! He had invited my best buddies and we had an awesome evening : )

For my meal I had sea bream with greens and dill mash, it was delicious although Dale ate my mash and I drank a mojito! We all really enjoyed the food and the drinks and after went to a pub in town before going to a club......

The rest is history....a hairy history! ha

Suffice to say Sunday morning I work up with a very sore head but it was totally worth it, turing 33 was lots of fun and a big thank you goes to Dale for making me feel super special : )


Do you ever do bring a dish meals with friends? 

Have you ever had a surprise on your birthday?


  1. Glad you had a good birthday :)
    Ahhh the food all looks amazing! I can't believe you don't like icing on a bakewell though...it's the best part!! But each to their own ;-)

    1. Thank you! Yep the food was amazing, I hate icing specially on a Bakewell or Christmas cake yuk! You can have my share x

  2. Happy birthday again! That sounds like an awesome birthday, so nice of Dale to surprise you! I want to see a pic of those disco pants :-)

    1. The boy did well : )

      The trousers are so good will try to remember to post a pic!

  3. Glad you had a good birthday! I am not a big icing fan either :)