Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Workout Wednesday: Lower Body Blast

Hi Wednesday readers I hope your all enjoying your hump day? Have you worked out already or are you looking for some inspiration, well look no further because I have a fab lower body workout to get  your heart pumping and it should take you less then 30-40 minutes which I'm sure most of you can fit into your day...right?! 

Lower Body Blast 

Circuit 1

15 x jump squat
12 x forward lunges each leg
15 x step ups each leg
10 x burpees

x 2

- 30 second break -

Circuit 2

15 x sumo squat 
12 x side lunges each leg
1 minute wall sit
15 x bench/box jumps

x 2

- 30/ second break - 

repeat for one more round of each

Perform each exercise from circuit one and repeat with no break, take 30 seconds then perform each exercise from circuit two and repeat with no break, take 30 seconds before starting at the beginning for a second round. (Feel free to take a longer break if needed)

This workout will get your blood pumping and get those leg muscles screaming! 


Whats your favourite workout at the moment?


  1. eek this sounds intense but I've just given up my boot camp training as it was so time consuming, and so I need to replace it with something else. This sounds fab. Thanks.

    1. It is a bit intense but it's worth it! Let me know how you get on x