Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Workout Wednesday: Cardio Blast

Its Wednesday all ready so it must be time for a workout! I have been loving my workouts lately, I really enjoy working out at home and not having to leave my house to get sweaty and pink like a lobster in the outside world and believe me I go very pink! I am lucky to own lots of workout equipment but many of my workouts don't use any just bodyweight so if your looking for a home workout check out my Workout Wednesday page which has lots for all fitness abilities or if your up for a real challenge go get changed and try this Cardio Blast for a killer calorie burn session! 

Cardio Blast

3-5 minute warm up - can be anything that gets your heart rate up!

Circuit 1

Star Jumps
Mountain Climbers
Step Ups
Squat Jumps

x 3

Burpees x 15

Circuit 2

Plank Jacks
180 Jumps
Bench Hops
Bicycle Crunches

x 3

Burpees x 15

Set your interval timer to 45s work, 15s rest for 4 sets and 3 rounds a total of 12 minutes. Perform 3 sets of circuit 1 for the 12 minutes then do 15 burpees before taking a 1-3 minute rest. Do the same for circuit 2 then feel free to crumble in a hot sweaty mess and give yourself a good stretch and pat on the back! This workout will be tough going but you'll be done within 30 minutes and the rest of the day is yours, deal?! 


What is your favourite home cardio exercise?

Mine would have to be mountain climbers, they kill but they get results!


  1. I really need this! In a bit of an exercise rut at the moment.

    1. Enjoy and check out my other workouts there are lots to change things up x x