Monday, 10 November 2014

Weekend Eats and Goings On

Happy Monday peeps, it may be wet, windy and grey outside but lets not think about that! My weekend was another quiet one but I have enjoyed some delicious food and even got time to get my bake on in the kitchen which always makes me happy : )

Saturday morning I got up early to have breakfast with Dale before he went fishing, yes even in the crazy windy weather you can't stop him!

I had some smoked bacon with mushrooms which was delicious and very filling, perfect before a long day of work at the shop. I spent the morning before work getting my review blog post written, if you missed it you can check it out here

Before work I popped into the health food shop and treated myself to this amazing gluten free almond cake, it tasted like marzipan and made my tastebuds go crazy, so so good! 

The almond cake kept me going for quite a while so I had a late lunch, chicken salad with a sweet pot and a bakewell nakd bar. More almond tasting goodness, so addicted to these bars right now! 

After work I came home and had some leftover Butternut Squash, Chilli and Lemon soup, recipe coming soon, one to look out for its delicious. I also had time to bake these yummy cookies, gluten free chai with goji's, lemon and chia seeds. These are guilt free and super tasty another recipe heading your way very soon. 

Sunday morning I got up and after my hot water and lemon I made an almond milk latte and ate two cookies for some pre workout fuel...well it was Sunday! 

I did an upper body workout, got freshened up and waited for Dale to get back from fishing. Once he returned we caught up with Saturday nights X Factor and had some lunch. I ate an un-pictured mushroom and cheese omelet then we went shopping and visited my dad. 

Once we got home we got our comfy clothes on and snuggled on the sofa for films and chill time. I made a yummy dinner of apricot and chestnut pork sausages, sweet pot mash and broccoli. There was gravy and ketchup added to this plate after the photo was taken, ha! We also had some soy vanilla ice cream for pud  : )

So that was my weekend, nothing special but thats fine by me. 


What did you get up to at the weekend, any time for baking?


  1. I made some banana bread on Friday night, that was all my baking for the weekend.
    I love those nakd bars- the best flavour yet!

    1. Good choice you can't beat a good banana bread, yep totally agree they are the best so far!!

  2. Oh my life that almond cake sounds good. I adore marzipan so that would pretty much rock my world. It would be dangerous for a place like that to be near to where I worked or lived hehe.

    1. It really is good and to be honest it's pretty dangerous for wallet working so close by!