Monday, 17 November 2014

My First Gourmet Veg Box from Abel and Cole

Here we are at the start of another week a very busy week, that is for me. I have so much going on this week its kind of hard to think straight, I am overwhelmed with so many emotions I am already feeling warn out and its only Monday! Why so busy? I here you ask well lets see...

Monday and Tuesday - two full days of clients

Wednesday - I have a job interview (more on this another time) and me and Dale are off to London to see Gaslight Anthem

Thursday - Clients and my mum, sister and nephew arrive and will be staying until Tuesday - yay!

Friday and Saturday - Clients before and after work at the shop both days 

Sunday - Family day....maybe a little time to relax?! I hope so! 

Ah I feel exhausted just writing this but I am also excited for family time, nervous to go to my interview and feeling over whelmed but I guess it means one exciting week ay?

While I just quiver in a corner lets get back to what this post is actually about and thats my first veg box delivery from Abel and Cole. I used to have a veg box delivered when I lived in Brighton but it became a bit boring so I cancelled it and since then just went back to buying veg in the supermarket but when my sister kindly offered a free veg box voucher I thought why the hell not! I have heard lots of good thing about Abel and Cole and the fact their veg is organic is very appealing to me and its seasonal which lets face it is a good way to eat. So I had a browse and went for the small gourmet box which gives you 8 different types of veg for £16. Not a bad price for organic produce and I am really eager to give this a try again just to help jazz things up in my kitchen, I tend to buy the same stuff each week and its getting pretty boring. Me and Dale decided if it works out the same price then  its a great idea plus I like the fact you can chop and change your order each week to suit your needs for instance this Friday I am getting a medium veg box instead of the gourmet because I preferred the veggies that are offered in it this week.

So what did I get in my first gourmet box? Well lets see there was a cauliflower, courgettes, a pepper, celery, cucumber, mushrooms, aubergine and a kabocha squash yum!! Everything in this box I love and can't wait to make some meals with these veggies. I added some of the celery to a juice yesterday and plan to make chicken with roasted veggies tonight. I have some ideas on how to use the other bits which I am sure if you follow my Instagram you will see what I come with : )


Do you get a veg box delivered?


  1. I did for a bit of time, but we never knew what it would contain which made meal planning hard, as we get our shopping delivered,so we stopped it.

    1. That's why I cancelled the one I used to have but the good thing about this one is you can choose what you have so you know what's coming : )

  2. I love the idea of it but in reality I'm not sure I'd find it useful as I like to meal plan and have a list for the shop. Not knowing what veg I was getting would ruin my sense of control ;-) But nice that you got a kabocha squash!

    1. In this one you actually know the week before what your getting so perfect for meal planners but definitely not for everyone, we'll stick with it and see if it works we'll carry on x