Saturday, 22 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide - 2014

I have never made a proper Christmas Gift Guide since starting my blog so I thought it was about time I got with the programme and put one together. I have been looking around the web and found some great products that range in price depending on your budget for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers. I also make my own gifts which I will doing this year too, that post will be up in December so keep your eyes peeled!

I have added things in here I would love myself or have tried and think they would be a rather nice gift for your loved ones, I mean we all know someone that loves something sparkly, make-up or chocolate don't we?! Take a look and you never know there might be something that catches your eye for somebody : )

For the chocolate lovers I have Hans Sloane Drinking Chocolate. This product was new to me and I was lucky enough to get some samples and for all those chocolate addicts out there this would be a great stocking filler. I love a good hot chocolate now and again especially when its as velvety and luxurious as this so if you or anyone you know loves it then a pack of this drinking chocolate would be a great gift. 

I adore Christmas decorations and ever since I was old enough to open my own presents and remember what I was getting I have received a decoration so I have a wonderful collection now. I saw the the Sloth and Fox tree decorations from Accessorize and just had to add these in because they are so cute! 

I have a little metal calendar that was my grandmothers which I love so when I saw this Stanley Calendar from Cath Kidston it just had to go in here I would love to get this! To be fair I am more then happy when I receive anything from Cath Kidston because everything she makes is just pretty and pleasing to the eye : )

The next gift idea is aimed at all those ladies that love sparkles me included Dale! I adore the sparkly Boden Jewelled Pumps, they look so glamorous and are perfect for any Christmas or New Year parties. I don't wear heels much these days so a pair of shoes like this looks the part and goes with anything.

How could I not include a onesie?! Ha well I am sure there are many people out there that are not that keen on the good old onesie but I have to say I love them, especially these ones from Tipsy Elves. I was sent the one above for me and Dale and they are so comfy and very warm, these are going to be great when the weather turns icy! I love the blue, white and red festive print too and think these are a great gift for all you peeps that like to sit in comfy's and watch Christmas films.

If you follow any of my social media pages you will know I love bright lipstick and the Dior lipstick above from the winter 2014 collection really caught my eye this would be a great addition to my make up collection and maybe yours too?

The Froothie Optimum 9400 has been on my wish list for ages so of course if had to be added to my gift guide just in case santa wants to be really generous this year! My blender has pretty much had it so I am dreaming of owning this!

Whenever I am passing a Paperchase store I can't resist having a little look round especially at their little plastic food tubs and these animal face ones I need in my life, how cute are they? I am sure all of you heathy eaters that love to take your own snacks tucked in your bag would love these. I also really like the party props set which I think is a great idea for any Christmas or New Year parties.

I couldn't write this guide without including something from my sisters new store The Future Kept. Choosing just one thing was pretty hard purely because I want one of everything! I settled on the Uashmama Washable Metallic Bag these bags are so cool and very unusual and I love the fact they are washable even though they are paper, great for all you mamas out there that love pretty things that stay pretty even after your little ones have been throwing food about!

Another thing I had to throw in was a kitchen gadget, I love a good kitchen gadget and Oxo make some awesome ones. If you read my blog you are probably well aware I love Oxo and after looking for a Mandoline for ages I got to try out the one above, its great and because its a handheld one it doesn't take up loads of room which is good for me as I don't have masses of kitchen space unfortunately! I will be posting a recipe soon which was inspired by my new mandolin so keep a look out for that : )

Lastly I thought I would add in a book, I don't read as much as I would like to but when I do I quite like a girly book and the Shopoholic collection are very girly! Shopoholic to the Stars is the next book in the series and if its as good as the last ones it will be a great read.

And there we have it my first ever Christmas Gift Guide, hopefully I have helped you out a little unless you are one of those really organised people who has already bought all the gifts and they are wrapped and ready to go. I love reading other peoples gift guides because there is always something out there I have not yet come across and could be the perfect gift for someone so I hope this has been like that for you.


Whats on your Christmas list, anything above you fancy?


  1. lovely gift guide, thanks for the ideas :) xx

    1. Thanks for popping by glad you like it x

  2. Ohh so many nice things there! I love the pumps. Like you, I don't often wear heels. I'm a flat-shoe kinda girl! Comfort comes first in my eyes (and my calf health for running haha!)
    I did used to enjoy the Shoapholic books but I did find the main character to be a *little* grating after a while...a bit whiny and needing of a good slap and healthy dose of reality. But saying that, I do love a good chick flick for easy-reading. If you do read it, let me know if it's worthwhile ;-)

    1. Aren't there just! The shoes are beautiful I love them, ha I will let you know if I get it x