Tuesday, 4 November 2014

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

Hi everybody, how are we? I wonder is it as grey in your part of the world? Mine is very grey, wet and uninviting! There is promise of today being a bit nicer then yesterday though which would be nice especially as I am in the shop all day and getting to work looking like a drained rat is never good!

Today I am sharing one of my 5 Things I am Loving Right Now posts with you, I hope you enjoy the read and maybe discover something new : )

The first thing I am loving is this handmade woollen head wrap from my mum, she is one talented lady, this fits me perfectly and will be perfect for keeping my ears and head warm during the winter months ahead.

I purchased this album - The Heavy - the other day and love it! If any of you have seen the Argos advert thats been about lately you will have heard one of their songs, I actually heard it on the advert and just had to get the album. I'm glad I did too as I really like all the songs : )

Finally!!!! Yes I have finally hunted down a Bakewell Tart Nakd bar and I am so pleased I got to try it because HELLO NEW FAVOURITE!! This bar is sooooooo good and I will be stocking up next time I am in Tesco.

Frothy hemp milk coffee's in my new mug kindly given to me by my mum while I was over visiting last week. I have felt for a while that I have been eating a little too much soy so I am using alternative milks in my coffee or drinking it black, I love hemp milk and it goes really well with coffee...to me anyway!


Lastly I am already loving November and all the things I have to look forward to this month. Me and Dale are off to London for a day out and to watch a band soon, my mum, little sister and Joey are coming to stay after that then I will be turing the grand old age of 33 on the 29th. Yep another year down, I am not sure what I am doing yet all I know is there is going to be a new addition to my arm art which I can't wait for. So an exciting month ahead : )


Any new things you have discovered lately that your loving?


  1. I still need to try the Bakewell Tart Nakd Bar. Last week I tried the Christmas one and loved it, but it didn't remind me of Christmas cake or pudding?

    1. I much prefer the Bakewell ones the Christmas ones are ok but not my fav x

  2. Those nakd bars still haven't made it to my Tescos! Grrrr!
    I love the colours at this time of year and going on lovely Autumnal walks.

    1. Damn them!! They are so good you need to try them! Me too the colours of Autumn are beautiful x

  3. The bakewell ones are amazing, I love them!
    I had to order some online though as have not seen them in any of my local shops.

    1. I am definitely tempted to stock up I love them!