Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Workout Wednesday: The Benefits Of Sports Massage

Hi all, hows your week going? Mine has been good so far, I have been training clients and browsing the job sites but more on this another time. For the past few months, if you have been reading, you will have seen me talking about my back and how it hasn't been playing ball. Finally after lots of waiting, not many workouts other then walking and lots of sports massages I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I am doing more workouts nothing crazy but I can do a full body workout with weights and not feel like my lower back is going to explode which is massive progress! I need to start back at the beginning for a bit to get my back strength up and my upper body has definitely lost strength but I am enjoying the muscle ache after a good workout instead of pain. The sports massages I have been having every two weeks have helped with my recovery so I thought I would talk about the benefits of having them if your injured or if you workout a lot and want to prevent getting injured.

I was having regular massages (every 6 weeks) during the beginning of this year which were just keeping my muscles loose and working in the right way but I missed an appointment before Glastonbury in June then spent 5 days in wellies standing up for over 12hrs a day and it took its toll, I think that is when my back got injured. Another factor is our sofa, its comfy but in no way supportive, no good for a bad back especially when I was sitting on it for hours a day working on my computer! Since getting my desk and having my regular massage my back as I said feels on the mend. I will be continuing to have a massage every 3-4 weeks then in the end I will have one every 6, because I work out a lot a regular massage to me is very important. Lets look at the benefits shall we....


Regular sports massages can help to increase sports performance by preventing injuries and keeping the body flexible. The massage stretches the muscle in a mulitdirectional manner which releases tension and pressure keeping the muscle flexible.

When a muscle is injured or stiffens up fluids and nutrients can't pass through it easily, a sports massage allows these fluids and nutrients to pass through which aids recovery by removing waste products such as lactic acid. This is why after a sports massage you are always advised to drink lots of water as this also helps move the waste products that have been released into your system after your massage.

Sports massage can improve circulation by stimulating the muscle tissue.

When you exercise the muscles fibres tear then rebuild themselves to become stronger, if you train a lot the more trauma the muscle receives and the more scar tissue can form. Regular massages can help to realign the scar tissue preventing injuries and pain.

Sports massages aren't always the most relaxing and can be quite painful depending if your injured or how tight the muscles have become but afterward the tension in your body should be lowered and you can feel relaxed after well I know I do!


Sports massage can obviously help get your body back to where it should be but its definitely worth looking at your life and other factors that could be contributing to your injury. My treatments were making my back feel better but within days it was back to feeling uncomfortable so I was advised to look at my everyday routine and what could be preventing my treatment from working to its full extent. I realised I was getting massaged then sitting crunched up on my sofa whilst working. I got a desk and have been sitting at that to work and suddenly my treatments are working like they should be and my recovery is happening quickly! A definite lesson learned there.

For me having sports massages is so important and I do advise my clients to have them, not as regularly as me but if they feel any sort of tightness its better to get it looked at before it turns into something more serious. If you love to exercise there is nothing worse then being injured and not being able to do your normal routine. I go stir crazy I know that!


Do you get sport massages?


  1. I haven't had a sports massage before, but it's something I think I need to look in to.

    1. Definitely worth looking in to if you do lots of workouts x

  2. Sport massages are the best part of being a sportsman. They're seriously awesome. I can't recommend them enough!

    1. Too right! i couldn't go without mine!

  3. You have just reminded me that I need to re-book mine- I had to cancel it back in July and have not got around to rearranging it!

  4. Honestly, this makes me want to get a sports massage right now! They are simply amazing!!