Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Workout Wednesday: 3 Of My Favourite Fitness Sites Plus Workout Routines!

Gosh its been a little while since I have done a Workout Wednesday post for you guys but now September is just a distant memory its time to get back to all things fitness and working out on a Wednesday : )

My workouts are getting back to normal slowly which is great, I did a killer arms and abs session yesterday which was loads of fun even though my chest and shoulders are screaming still now! I actually like that feeling of worked muscles, makes me feel like the workout really did something. 


I don't know about you but with the change of weather it doesn't seem very inviting heading out into the rain to get a workout in, not when its warm inside and you have to get up out of a warm bed. I actually went out with a client this morning for a power walk in the rain and once your up and out its not so bad but I am well aware thats not for everyone!

I thought I would share some of my favourite fitness sites with you today so even if it is raining outside and the thought of even getting into your car to get to the gym doesn't even appeal you have no excuses not to get your sweat on! I love these sites for workouts and fitness info, they explain all the exercise really well just in case you are new to any of them and you can mix and match to make your own workout which is what I do  : )

Skinny Mom - This is a great site for all things fitness, there are lots of routines and exercise and fitness tips. This lady really knows what she's talking about and you can find advice for what ever stage of fitness your at. There are also some tasty looking recipe ideas if your also in need of some healthy food advice.

Blogilates - I am sure you have all heard about this site but if you haven't your in for a treat! Cassey Ho is a fitness professional and knows how to work your body, she features some killer routines for all abilities and there are loads and loads of workouts to follow. I also love the fact she features lots of videos for you to follow along with, sometimes I really enjoy just being told what to do instead of thinking up the workouts myself so I love a workout video! Here is one of the many fab routines from this site:


I think the back is a set of muscles that often gets forgotten when us girls do a workout so next time your in the gym give this one a go and get those back muscles burning!

Kama Fitness - This site has some really good routines which are all laid out in easy to follow pictures, all the exercises are explained really well too. Here is a great routine I thought you might like to try from Kama Fitness:


Set your timer for 15 minutes.
Complete the following exercises & reps in the order written below.
This is one round.
Complete AMRAP in 15 minutes.

5 reps: Prisoner Get Ups
4 reps: Pike Press
3 reps: Burpees
2 reps: Spiderman Lunges
1 rep: Push up & Jump up


A great routine that will work every muscle in the body and it only takes 15 minutes! No excuses people!! 

I love these sites and if your looking for some new fitness motivation and inspiration look no further check these sites out. I don't belong to a gym and really enjoy the ease of doing my workouts at home  in my underwear if I want to! Ha, but seriously I know not everyone has the trainer in their brain like me so these types of sites are so good if you need some help along the way : )


Do you have any favourite fitness sites?

I would love you to share them with me x


  1. Nice list of sites. I've seen the Blogilates one but...ack...her voice is quite grating and I just can't get on with it :-S My British side just comes out a bit too much I think!
    Good line up of exercises :-)

    1. Ha I can get the voice thing, it can be a little annoying but she has fab workout ideas x

    2. Haha I know what you mean about the voice. She is very enthusiastic. I love her workouts though.

    3. They are great and cover every muscle in the body so definitely worth doing!

  2. I've tried Blogilates in the past and really loved that I could get in a great workout at home in a short space of time.

    1. They're perfect workouts if your short time : )

  3. Thanks for the tips! I've heard Blogilates is a good one. It's super hard to get up and out of bed early when it's so cold/ dark/ rainy so this should help me exercise from the comfort of home!

    1. Welcome!!! Let me know how you get on : )