Thursday, 30 October 2014

Ireland 2014 - Meeting My Nephew Joey

Well what can I say I have fallen in love with my nephew he is the most gorgeous little man I have ever set eyes on and I so didn't want to leave Ireland. I've had the best weekend away hanging with the family enjoying time with the new member who was a joy to be around! Plus I am officially a god mother yay : )

We didn't do masses other then cuddle Joey (look how cute he is!!) and eat! One of the best things about staying in Ireland is my mums cooking she is an amazing cook so lots of food was enjoyed. I have some photos to share from our trip so get comfy......

One of the days we went out for lunch in Kilkenny which was delicious, I had some home cooked chips, carrot salad and coleslaw then finished with a yummy chai latte in a very pretty cup and saucer.

Breakfast one day was a yummy bowl of porridge with a perfectly ripe pear and peanut butter, great combo!

Another breakfast - home cooked ham with poached eggs and mushrooms

Mt mum made these little gluten free almond and polenta macaroons which were chewy, soft and delicious.  

She also made my favourite cake a gluten free almond and polenta lemon drizzle. This is the best cake and she makes it every time I go there and I enjoy a piece every day! 

My dad made this tasty gluten free spinach and broccoli quiche which was awesome. I definitely have  talented parents when it comes to cooking : )

We went on some good dog walks along the river and in the woods which I always enjoy. The town my mum lives in is so pretty so we always take a walk round there too. 

But the best thing was this little man, I can't believe how cute and adorable he is. I have never felt broody and I still wouldn't want a child now but I have to admit I'm not ruling it out for my future I think this little one has changed me! My mum, little sister and Joey are coming over to stay in 3 weeks and I can't wait to get my hands on him again : )

I hope your weekend was as good as mine, I'm now looking forward to getting back to blogging here and catching up with reading all of yours. Enjoy your Thursday peeps x x


Have you ever felt broody?

Did you then have a baby or are you still thinking about it?


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! What an adorable baby!!! I would love the recipe to that cake - Yum!!

    1. Isn't he just!! I will ask my mum for it and share the goods on here x

  2. That almond polenta cake sounds lovely!
    I have never been broody- I don't mind spending time with my friends children, but it never make me want my own!

    1. Oh its lovely all right! Ha me neither till now! I definitely don't want one soon but I think I will in the end want a little stinker : )

  3. Wow! what a lovely time you have had , there is nothing as good as going home no matter how old you get, and there is no one on the planet that can cook like our moms can cook. Those meals look fabulous
    Everything looks delicious including your nephew, its great to cuddle and hand back ha ha .
    Hugs Lynn xxx

    1. It's so true mums cooking is away are best, I usually want to hold and give back but not this one!! X

  4. Aw so sweet!! And that chai latte looks lovely especially with the saucer! Abi :)
    chai latte

    1. He really is and the latte was awesome! x