Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Holiday Recap - Los Dolses Spain

Hello and happy October 1st!! 
Usually on a Wednesday I blog about fitness so if you are looking for a fitness post check out this guest post from Monday its all about keeping fit and healthy through the winter.

Today I have decided to share my holiday recap from a couple of weeks ago when me and Dale went to Spain to stay with his mum and stepdad at their villa. I thought if I don't share this soon I will have forgotten all about it! 

Los Dolses - Spain

So a couple of weeks ago, September 15th to be precise, me and Dale made our way to Gatwick to catch a flight to Murcia in Spain. I am not the best flyer so thankfully the flight was pretty bump free and we landed safe and sound to meet Dales mum and stepdad (they were already there). We got straight into the holiday spirit and went to a beach bar for a couple of drinks before heading back to their villa. It was super hot and felt amazing to get away! 

Me and Dale as you can see were very happy to be there! The first night we went to a plaza that had lots of bars and restaurants. We had a delicious dinner and I could feel myself just relax and leave all the stresses from home behind, it was a great first night : )

Food and Drink

We actually ate at home quite a lot during the days and went our for dinner in the evenings apart from one night. I didn't take many photos of the food we had as I just wanted to relax and forget about doing anything really, I did take a few shots though.....

I pretty much ate this for breakfast everyday, rice cakes with cheese and pate topped with cucumber. It was a yummy way to start the day and different to my normal english breakfast although since getting back me and Dale seem to be eating pate more...still living the holiday dream! 

Ice Cream!!!!!!!

One of the days we went and visited Torrevieja (just along the coast from where we were) and stopped for some ice cream. Ha it was huge and worth every calorie, it tasted amazing! I had a three scoop tub including coconut, chocolate orange and nougat. Each scoop was so sooooo good, I actually couldn't finish it as there was loads but I gave it a good try! 

Um this was Dale's stepdads! He actually said he couldn't eat anything then ordered this bad boy.....good job especially for someone that wasn't apparently hungry!

Lunches were usually big salads with olives and tortilla, so yummy! 

Went to a different restaurant every night and I can say not one meal we had disappointed, on the last night we went out and Dale ordered the lamb, when it came out he didn't realise he would be getting this amount of meat!! It was huge and cooked to perfection, I tried a little and it got a big thumbs up. 

I had the sword fish which although doesn't look very nice in this picture was actually lovely. We all know taking pics out of daylight sucks! 

There was lots of drinking and lazing around the villa, an iced fruit cider went down well one afternoon : )

We also went to a few beach bars where I enjoyed a few vodka lemons, I tried to stick to my vodka and soda but the measurements are so big and strong I just couldn't drink it so the fanta lemon was definitely needed! 

I also enjoyed a few Horchata tiger nut milks throughout the week, I used to love this when I lived in Barcelona so it was nice to drink some again : )

Cats, Cats and a Dog!

OMG I literally fell in love with all the ferrel cats that were about, they were so cute I wanted to take them all home!

In Torrevieja I spotted the first three cats, they actually live along the rocks on the seafront to keep the rats at bay and the last white beauty I met on our last day, she was the hotel cat and I loved her! 

This cutie belonged to Dales mums friends and I got to hang out with him quite a bit, he was a lovely dog and confirmed I really would like a jack russell at some point! 

Days Out

This holiday really was about being relaxed and pretty lazy to be honest, when I usually go away I go on city breaks and end up pounding the pavements for 4-5 todays and feel more tired when I return home so we decided we really needed to chill so we spent quite a lot of time hanging at the villa going in the pool and not really doing too much which was bloody lovely! We did have a few days out though which were lots of fun....

One day we went to get a mud bath! The mud is volcanic so very good for the skin, we were smothered in it then had to walk about for an hour in the sun for it to dry out.

You have to wash the mud off in the lake it comes out of then go and wash your skin in the sea. It smelt pretty bad but our skin after was gorgeous and soft. I would definitely do this on a regular basis if I could it felt fab even if we did stink! 

A few mornings we went down to the beach and walked along the sand and paddled in the sea, we even went down and played volley ball one day. The beach artists were amazing and I couldn't resist getting a shot of this awesome sand castle! Other days we spent along the beach front and hanging out with Dales mums friends which was lovely but everything was done at a slow pace which was just the way we liked it plus it was insanely hot so moving too fast just made you sweat even more! 

I had the best seven days away with Dale and his family, it was good to be away from social media and our home life and just relax completely. I did go out for one proper exercise walk but that was it and the rest of the days we did walk but not in a strenuous way at all. We ate, we drank, we relaxed and we both had a lovely time enjoying each others company. I couldn't have asked for a better holiday! I would definitely go again and now me and Dale know what to do in the villa we will actually be able to go over on our own at some point which will be quite nice too : )

Back to reality life has been pretty normal since getting back, its been all work and no play well there was a bit of play over the week end at the convention but there was a lot of tiring work too! I am now counting down the days till we go to visit my little sister and her new baby boy, I literally cannot wait to get him in my arms! 

I hope you all have a great Wednesday and enjoy the first day of October.


Do you ever go on a really relaxing lazy holiday or do you like to keep busy even when away?

I think this is the first holiday I have literally just relaxed and been really quite lazy and to be honest I loved it and will happily do it again! 


  1. That sounds like a fabulous holiday! I could so do with something like that right now ;-) All my recent holidays have been busy city breaks so I am longing for a lazy summer break, next year fingers crossed!

    1. I bet you could and well deserved it would be! I loved it and hopefully we can do it again next year : )

  2. Oh wow that ice cream! And that huge leg of lamb. I love going on holiday purely for the food I think ;-)
    Love the mud bath too!

    1. Food was soooo good especially the ice cream!!

  3. What a lush holiday, such envy, I could really do with a trip like this right now! And even more when winter comes :(

    1. I'll be wishing I was back there when the winter comes for sure!!

  4. Wow! That icecream in a pineapple looks amazing! As does that sandcastle! So creative.

    1. I can't believe he ate it all!! I know I love the sand artists they must have a lot of patience!

  5. I love both kinds of holidays but to be honest, sometimes you just need a good lazy, lay on the beach and enjoy kind of vacation! Looks like you had a wonderful time! That ice cream looks amazing :D

    1. I totally agree, I love to do a holiday with lots of touristie bits but this lazy one was just what the doctor ordered! It really was delicious!

  6. It looks like you had a fab time. The mud bath looks fun. I just went on a relaxing holiday and it was totally needed.

    1. We really did, I hope you enjoyed yours. Relaxation is definitely a must!

  7. That sand castle is amazing! And that pineapple boat ice cream thing, I mean, who ever thinks they could eat it?? Crazy.
    Glad you had a lovely time.

    1. Isn't it just, he also had a Jesus with the crown of thorns which was also incredible x