Friday, 17 October 2014

A Day In The Life - Tuesday

This weeks day in a life is all about what I got up to on Tuesday from start to finish....

5.30am Alarm Alarm ALARM!!! NOOOOO

5.40am - ALARM seriously gotta get up...I do, throw on some clothes get my face kind of ok to be seen by another human and rush out the door! 

6am - Arrive at clients house coffee in hand feeling slightly more awake

7.15am - Arrive back home, sit down and start to check through all my emails and social media sites.

7.30am - Feeling hungry so make a rather delicious breakfast. I used some Natures Path (review coming soon) spiced apple gluten free oats to make porridge. Obvioulsy any porridge of mine has got to be pimped so I add a super soft banana, some apple/mango puree and peanut butter...joyous!

8am - Continue with emails and social media catch up or feed my online addiction some might say! 

9am - Time to get my sweat on! I did a full body Vipr workout that left my muscles screaming! A job well done. 

10am - Shower and freshen up

10.30am - Sit down with a cuppa and browse the job sites.....OMG jobs at the moment suck!

12am - Eat some un-pictured rice cakes topped with peanut butter and cheddar cheese, yes its a peanut butter kind of day : )

12.30am - My client is here so time to work. 

2pm - Meet my friend Wayne in town for a coffee and a catch up in Nero. I can't believe its been a month since we hung out...time flys!

3.30pm Get home and eat a little snack of tuna dressed in basil olive oil and apple cider vinegar with a few slices of cucumber. 

3.50pm Suddenly feel the urge to bake and as its chocolate week I couldn't resist making some gluten free chocolate shortbread cookies......hello! 

4.45pm - Next client arrives. 

6pm - My day is done time to relax, not that my day was exactly strenuous! I wait for Dale to get home so I can get dinner in the oven. He never gets home at the same time due to traffic plus he likes to help me make dinner..or do I force him..either way we make dinner! 

7pm - Enjoy this delicious Autumnal Dumpling Squash for dinner. This was one of those meals that make your tastebuds go YES YES YES!! You gotta try it!

8pm - 10pm - Watch the new Sons of Anarchy season...OMG this is blood bath but so good! Gotta love boys on bikes : )

10.30pm - Bed


Have you done any baking lately? 

Do you watch Sons of Anarchy?


  1. I was on a baking kick for awhile, making tons of chocolatey things! haha but this week has been kind of crazy so nothing recently!

    1. Yay to tons of chocolatey things!! Thanks for popping by x

  2. I'm glad it's not just me that gets sudden urges to bake!
    It's all about the apple puree in oats as well. I'm actually really craving oats for lunch.

    1. Definitely not sometimes I just gotta bake! I know a warming bowl of oats just goes down a treat at the mo x

  3. Love these posts! The photos of the food are my favourite haha I like seeing what other people eat! Abi :)

    1. Thanks, me too I love to see what others get up to on a daily basis! ha x

  4. Tamzin - your meals (especially your breakfasts!) look so delicious!

    1. Thank you Lucie the breakfast was glorious! X

  5. Mmm nothing beats porridge for breakfast on a cold autumnal morning :)

    1. Too right! It starts up the day perfectly : )