Sunday, 5 October 2014

A Day In The Life - Saturday

Hello Sunday readers, I hope you are enjoying your weekend, for the Blog-tember challenge I did a day in the life post which went down rather well so I thought I would share another with you : )

Saturday October 4th

7.30am - Alarm is ringing loudly at me to get up...BUT ITS SATURDAY!!!!! Huh that unfortunately has no meaning as its just another work day for me and I have a client to train before I go to work at the shop so time to get ready! 

I have a shower and put my face on then make a quick breakfast.....

8.30am - I only have half hour before my client arrives so I make a simple but very tasty and very filling breakfast. I pimped up some Uzuma juice and this is how: 

To a blender add: 2 x Mango Uzuma juices, 2 small bananas and a cup of crushed ice...blend and let your tastebuds dance! 

9am - Train client and drink smoothie! 

10am - Get myself and lunch ready for work, I made some tuna, salad cream and salad sandwiches with gluten free bread. 

10.45am - Get the bus as I am running late for work AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

11am - Arrive at work on time, yes! When I get to the tattoo parlour I usually have a shopping list to sort out first so I grab some petty cash and head into town to buy supplies and it just so happens I have to pass Nero on the way back to shop so obviously I grab a coffee : )

12am - Shop opens and I greet our first customers who are booked and ready to be scarred! I work with two boys, Ben and Luke, and both are always fully booked. 

1pm - I eat my un-pictured sandwiches and I can confirm they were rather tasty!

2pm - Luke leaves as he is just doing a half day and me and Ben hang with his customer, the shop was quite so after I sort out some printing there is not much to do so we chat. 

3.30pm - I have the need for some thing sweet so I pop round the corner to the local health food store (dangerous being this close to it now!) and pick up a slice of chocolate and cappuccino gluten free torte....words cannot explain how good this was!!!!!!

4pm - Ben has a no show so we wait around chatting to see if his customer turns up...

5pm - We get to finish early whoop! After cashing up and sorting the end of day stuff me and Ben leave. He gives me a lift to my dads...

6pm - I got to spend an hour with my papa and in that hour we booked our flights to Ireland yay!! I am so excited, in a couple of weeks I will meet little Joey and get some much needed auntie cuddles! 

7pm - Dale picks me up and we decide chips are on the menu for dinner....

7.30pm - Oh yes I had a big bowl of chips for dinner and they were glorious! I know I know they are not the healthiest thing to eat but you know what I enjoyed them so there! 

8pm-11pm - Catch up on X Factor and just chill

11.30pm - Bed! 

That was a pretty different Saturday to the norm what with booking tickets to Ireland, finishing work early and eating a massive bowl of chips! I hope you enjoyed the read, I love these kind of blog posts as I love to know how you guys pend your day...not a stalker honest! 


Do you ever pimp up juices?


  1. sounds like an ideal Saturday!! Mmm chips.... ;)

    Christy x
    another weekend without make-up

    1. It definitely was for me! Chips bad but oh so good!!

  2. Love this! And this is the story of my life --> " I am running late for work AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" And I need that chocolate torte in my life!!

    1. The torte was insane! So soft and the flavour...Mmmmm x

  3. This sounds like a really busy Saturday Tam, nothing stops you! ;)

  4. Lovely post! I'm loving XFactot haha, that drink looks so nice too! Abi :)

    1. Thanks! Ha me too luckily my boyfriend is a sucker for it as well so has no problem watching the catch ups with me!

  5. The lasting impression of this post is chipschipschipschips chiiiiips o yum well played!

    1. Ha they were very good...way to many but very good!