Monday, 6 October 2014

8 Of My Favourite Instagram Accounts

What happened to the weather?! I am happy to have a day at home keeping cosy in comfy clothes and not really having to do much at all. Yesterday was my first day off in a fortnight and although we didn't do much I am still in need of a lazy...hello Monday! Yep I am enjoying a very lazy Monday and one of things I love to do when being lazy is look at my Instagram feed. I am a total Instagram addict, you can check my account out here. I love other peoples pictures and seeing whats going on in their world through photos, I find some amazing recipes, fitness and style tips on there. I thought I would share 8 of my favourite accounts with you today you never know you might find someone new to follow and share the photo joy with me : )


This girl loves vegan food and her photos make me wish she was my friend and I went round her house for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Everything looks so fresh and delicious and you can pick up some great ideas especially if you are or your thinking about going vegan. 


Danielle is a model, chef and founder of Qnola, a breakfast cereal I am desperate to try! She also writes the blog Model Mange Tout, one of my favourite recipe blogs! Danielle creates some amazing foods using wholesome and super healthy ingredients all of which I would be happy to devour! 


I look through these photos and just want to live this life, the food, her home and clothes, the sites I love it all and just want to get in the photos! I have always wanted to go to New York and this account makes me want to live there even though I have never even been!


Lisa Marie is a paper crafter and designer who's pictures are just beautiful. She writes the blog 
Up The Wooden Hill where you can find lovely images and amazing paper craft. Her home is so stylish and again I just want to get into the photos and be around all the beautiful things she captures on : )


I couldn't write this post without adding my sisters account because her pictures are my favourite, yes I may be bias but I think you would agree once browsing through her feed. Beautiful images of her home, cats and all the wonderful things she makes....want to be inspired? Check out her out!


Russell is a personal trainer to lots of well know celebs and models, his training the Skinny Bitch Collective is always featured in lots magazines and talked about by many famous women. I love this account because he shares some great fitness ideas and video snippets which make me wish I could take his classes!


OMG want one picture to make your whole day? Then follow this account, I am literally in love with this pekingese chihuahua. If one of these pictures appears in my feed I am filled with joy such a cute cute dog that would I happily have as my own any day of the week! 


I couldn't leave out of my favourite tattoo accounts from this post, if I am honest I think half the people I follow on Instagram are tattooists! I love Jaclyn's work which you can check out here, the girls are so gorgeous and I love the colours she uses. One day maybe I will get the chance to have a piece of her art on me....fingers crossed! 


Do you love Instagram?

If you do I would love to hear some account recommendations from you : )


  1. I am obsessed with Instagram. It's the best social network in my opinion.
    Thanks for sharing these - always looking for new people to follow.

    1. You and me both I can waste way to much time on there! Your welcome maybe you'll like them too x

  2. I do love instagram and now I have to follow littlechef - adorable :)