Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Workout Wednesday Guest Post: Ways to be more productive at the Gym

Good morning all! I have a special Workout Wednesday for you today all about ways to be more productive at the gym so sit back and enjoy and I shall be back later with my Blogtember Challenge post....

Gym work can be tough, and it's hard to stay motivated. Seeing through your fitness plans to the end is an exhilarating experience, but letting them fall by the wayside and abandoning your plans due to loss of interest can be crushing. However, there are ways to make yourself more productive at the gym and ensure that you see complete any exercise schedule.
One of the most important tips that all gym hounds should follow is to prepare your body for a workout. If you are going to be lifting weights, stretch the muscles that will be doing the hard work - and don't be lazy. Stretch your quads, biceps, back and shoulders in turn in at least three sets of 10 second holds. Then try a couple of gentle dumbbell lifts and push-ups. A good warm-up will minimize the risk of injury and discomfort after exercise.

Watch what you eat for the best results

Diet is another vital aspect of being productive at the gym. If you are weight training, you'll need plenty of protein (around 200 grams per day for men and 150 grams for women). Load up with carbs as well - pasta and rice are better than bread and chocolate. If you are exercising to lose weight, then reduce the protein but don't limit your energy intake too much - as you need to avoid excess fatigue. If you feel drained and weak after gym visits, it may be that your diet needs tweaking.
Another great way to be more productive at the gym is by working out with friends. Sure, competing with others is a good way to stay motivated, but this can be depressing too. After all, we all lose weight or gain muscle at different rates. Instead, use your workout buddies as an ally, encourage each other and help each other out by keeping track of your repetitions.

Use apps and trackers to keep tabs on progress

However, there are other ways of staying motivated. The development of mobile phone apps and mobile devices in general means that there are technologies available that help you to remain productive at the gym. Download a fitness app that will be able to provide expertly crafted exercise plans that will guide you to a target weight or muscle mass. With easy to follow instructions, these plans can provide the structure that you need to track your progress effectively.
For others, a fitness tracker might be just what is needed. Instead of apps on your phone, trackers are standalone devices that are specially designed to monitor and encourage you as you work out. Some trackers jolt you into working harder with an electric shock, while others keep you updated with progress reports and link your results to social media sites. These devices are an excellent way to feel that you are progressing - and that your gym visits are genuinely productive, and like apps, they can be connected to details fitness plans.
So, to stay productive at the gym, blend the latest technology with old fashioned buddying-up, warm-ups and a sensible diet to get the results that you need.

Author: The Fitbug Orb

The Fitbug Orb is a simple, discrete and fully-featured tracker that boasts a sophisticated three-axis accelerometer, which can closely and accurately measure every movement. It comes with a fully-featured personal fitness coach app that records and transmits a whole range of statistics, allowing you to effortlessly store and share all of your key data and monitor your progress.


Do you use any fitness apps?


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