Tuesday, 2 September 2014

What Makes Me Happy - Day Two

What makes me happy? Well peeps I have to admit I am lucky enough to have a life filled with things that make me happy which is why when I'm down it doesn't last for long because there is lots to get me smiling again. So I thought I would share a few of the things/people that bring joy to my life and keep me sane......


Cute weren't we?! Oh god where would I be without them?? My family bring me so much happiness, I couldn't ask for a better mum and dad they are awesome in every way and my sisters are my best friends, lucky me : )

I also have to mention how much I love Dales family its the first time I have ever been close to a boyfriends family and they're fab the lot of them!

My Home

Ever since I can remember I have wanted my own home and it wasn't until I moved out with Dale last year that my wish was granted. After moving out at 18 I have lived with all sorts of people in flat shares, some good some bad but there is noting like coming home to your own place. I love our little flat, really we need a bigger place but we make the best of it and it works for now : )


A man that can make you laugh....keeper! He knows how much I like him and the amount I mention him I'm pretty sure you lot know too! Ha


OMG I can imagine my life without this handsome devil now. He turned up on my window sill April 2013 and hasn't left, he chose me (soft touch) but I am mighty glad he did. Sid is the best kitty cat, so friendly, he sleeps next to me every night. I just hope that when we do eventually move he sticks around : )


Eating, baking, smelling I LOVE FOOD! Yep it can be a killer for the waste line and I do have to rein in the eating sometimes but I have to admit I love food. Its a massive part of my life especially since starting this blog, I could definitely never be one of those people that eats to live I definitely live to eat ahahaha! Its just lucky I like the healthy stuff too : )

My Clients

My clients definitely bring lots of happiness to my life. Being part of someones fitness journey is loads of fun and when I see the changes from the first day I meet a client to 3 months down the line its really rewarding to think that I helped. They're so happy which in turn makes me very happy too!


Oh yeah, I couldn't not mention my love of tattoos. I am a traditional tattoo girl through and through and this is my latest addition. I had this done back in August and I love her! I plan to fill my arms up with little bits and bobs and I will probably move onto my legs as well as finishing my back....addict!

My Blog!

Of course I had to add my blog in here! Blogging has bought and continues to bring so much happiness to my world. I have met some wonderful people that I now class as friends and get to do and try things I never would without having this little piece of cyber space. So thank you for reading and supporting me through it all x x


Those are just a few things that make me happy, sometimes its hard to remember how happy you are when your down but I guess thats why these posts are a good idea...life is good no mater how bad it gets : )

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Tell me three things that make you happy...


  1. Sooooo...3 things that make me happy?

    OK, here it goes:
    1. Reading this post (it honestly made my day!)
    2. Chocolate
    3. Running+Biking+Swimming = Triathlon

    1. Awwww thanks mike! Chocolate how did I forget that!!!

  2. Lovely post with some great pictures! :-) You can ready my blog post on the link up but I will share three things that have already made me happy today: 1. I'm having a good hair day 2. It's cool enough to wear a scarf 3. COFFEE! :-D

    -Lacey dailydoseoflacey.blogspot.com

    1. Ah I will go check yours out...coffee another one I forgot!

  3. Hi Tam,

    Just wanna let you know, you led me to this blog-tember challenge.. from Dayre.. ^^
    We know.. blogging and dayre is still somewhat different.. and this challenge got me writing again.. and hopefully continuing so.. =)

    1. Awwww glad I did! Looking forward to seeing your posts x

  4. I agree with so many on your list! Love that Sid just turned up one day - how random?? Do you think he's cheating on another family with you? Crazy.
    My three things:
    1. Family (and Ben being first and foremost, and Alfie is in there too, the furball)
    2. Running
    3. Food/cooking (cakes high on that list but mainly eating not baking!)
    4. Reading (OK I know you said 3 but I have too many things I love!)

    1. Ha I know very random but Sid has definitely decided that this is is home now, he is here all day every day so I'm pretty sure he's here to stay!

      Great list!

  5. My three things:
    1. Dan and Bella - my husband and cat - they both make me laugh daily!
    2. Being part of the blogging community
    3. Running!

    (It was actually quite hard to narrow down to three!)
    How lovely that you opened your window one day to Sid! My Aunt has never chosen a cat, they have always chosen her and she has had several in my lifetime. It's funny how cats do that!

    1. Great three...I know he definitely new I was soft touch! Bloody love him though x

  6. It's a very good thing that you can list out so many things in your life which bring you joy!

    1. Thank you I do feel very lucky : )

  7. food makes me so happy too!! i'm glad i'm not the only one haha

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Your definitely not the only one!