Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tell A Tale Of Vacation - Day Eighteen

Hello, while you read this post I will be relaxing in sunny Spain on holiday with Dale so I thought it fitting to talk about somewhere sunny for todays challenge and somewhere that is close to my heart that I think everyone should visit at least once! 

Todays prompt: Tell a tale of traveling, a city or a country you've been to or a favourite vacation.


About 2 days before my 23rd birthday I moved to Barcelona to live with a friend and it was amazing. I lived there just under a year and a half and had the time of my life. Barcelona is an amazing city with so much to offer I would recommend it to anyone. The tourist sites are awesome like the Sagrada Famillia or Parc Guell and there are loads of wonderful restaurants. 

If you like nightlife then your in for a treat as Barcelona has lots of great bars and clubs I spent many night out on the tiles with the friends I made there and it was a blast! There are also some lovely man made beaches if catching a tan is your kind of thing. I think Barcelona has everything, really good food, good bars, good shops and good tourist spots everything you need from a holiday! 

It also has a quirky side which I loved and the gothic quarter is a must see! 

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Have you been to Barcelona?

Whats one of your favourite holiday destinations?


  1. That would be great when I was younger..Now I am more into family vacations instead of the nightlife scene.

    1. Oh yes I totally agree I'm glad I did it then as I probably wouldn't do it now! X

  2. I'm not sure that I would ever be brave enough to move abroad but I imagine that it was an amazing experience! I have been to Idaho, USA twice. Once for two months when I was 16. My best friend's Mum was adopted and went to stay with her real parents that now live in Idaho so I went along with my friend as support. We went back the following year too for another 6 weeks and I loved it. There's something about living an authentic lifestyle in another country over living a tourist one!

    1. I didn't think I would ever have been but I'm so glad I did it was an experimence of a life time x