Thursday, 25 September 2014

Styling The Seasons with Lobster and Swan - Day Twenty five

Hello and welcome to a special post today! For our 25th Blog-tember challenge we have been asked to swap a guest post with a fellow blogger and I couldn't think of anyone better then my own sister Jes. She is creator of the beautiful blog Lobster and Swan and I am so pleased to hand over Salad and Sequins to her for the day! You can read my post over on Lobster and Swan which features a delicious Autumnal Soup Recipe. Over to you Jes....

Styling the seasons with Apartment Apothecary and Lotts and Lots

Happy Autumn to you!
Jeska here from Lobster and Swan, (Tamzin's sister), at the start of the month I joined in with #stylingtheseasons – a seasonal styling project started by Katy and Charlotte, to get people switching up their interiors more often. I am definitely a Spring and Autumn person, I love all the new life in Spring and the cosy wind down of the year that Autumn brings. The light has changed and the low sun is gently flickering over our apple tree as the leaves slowly turn from green to yellow to brown. I have begun to notice the change in the air in the evenings and early mornings and everyone’s outfits, boots and cosy, chunky knits are starting to appear on the people I pass on the street.

To celebrate this change of season, I have been gathering up some of my favourite things from around the home, in greys and browns mixed with crisp whites. I love to blend tones found in nature with the shimmer of candlelight for easy Autumn styling. I am always skinning my knuckles on a pinecone or two that have been left in my handbag! The twig wreath in the pictures was bought a few years ago and has had many seasonal looks, but it felt right to strip it right back of all its embellishments and hang it simply above my worn but loved table.

As you can see, my bedside table was the area that I chose to decorate. Would you like to take part and celebrate the arrival of crisp brown leaves gathering at our feet and the joys of scarf wearing weather too? I hope you might! If you do decide to have a little Autumn celebration of your own, you can let everyone know over on Instagram and twitter by using the hashtag #stylingtheseasons on your pictures and post links, happy Autumn!

Thank you Jes for sharing, I am in love with your bedside table and would like you to come round and do mine now please!

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What are you loving about the change of season?