Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Personality Type - Sagittarius - Day Nine

I thought the best way to talk about my personality as part of todays challenge would be in reference to my star sign - Sagittarius. The reason for this is because I have many of the attributes associated with the sagittarius women : )

Here are some personality traits of a Sagittarius women:

Wild, Feisty, Independent, Adventurous, Sociable, Friendly, Determined, Honest, Speaks her mind, Open minded, Imaginative and Physically active to name a few! 

All of the personality traits above I can relate to and here's how....


Ha you could definitely describe me as wild not all the time but I have my moments more so when I was a bit younger although I am still on the crazy side now! I have always liked to party and I don't see that changing any time soon although I do it far less these days. 

Feisty and Speaks her Mind

Yep I'm feisty for sure, especially if I think I'm in the right! I don't like to argue and I would prefer to get on with everybody but cross me and you'll know about it. I won't let anyone take me for a fool and if I have something to say you can bet I'll say it even if it is out of turn which I can admit is sometimes the wrong way of doing things. I guess its a good thing I can also admit when wrong and apologise when I am! 


I am fiercely independent and I think thats because I was single for years which meant I had to do most things for myself. I can't ever imagine being one of those women that can't do anything for themselves like carrying my own shopping, lifting heavy boxes or changing the oil in my car. I never ask for help unless its something I can't do, which is probably one of the reasons I like to be physically strong. 


Oooooooo I love a good adventure especially when it involves going on holiday and exploring a new country : )

Sociable and Friendly 

I love to hang out with friends and family as much as I like to be alone. I used to be a bit of a social butterfly but obviously with work these days I can't go out as much as I used to. I think if I had a bit more cash I would be a lot more social then I am but these days with friends and family dotted about the country and globe it can be expensive to hang out with them all! I'm very friendly but I am told I have one of those faces that can seem unfriendly until you talk to me! So if you ever see me about come say hi as my moody face is just a front and I would love to meet you all! 


Hell yeah! I have always been determined especially since going self-employed. I can't even tell you how many set backs I have had in the past few years, enough to make me doubt on a daily basis if I made the right decision concerning my career but I solider on and I think I'm a better person for it. There have been some dark moments but there is always light at the end of the tunnel which keeps me going : )


Very! I can't stand people not being honest, the truth hurts sometimes but hey thats life and being told the truth in my book is better then being lied to! I think there is a way of telling somebody the truth that doesn't have to be hurtful its all about the delivery. 


I have a very active imagination which keeps me on my toes thats for sure. Having a good imagination really helps with my work, I have to keep my clients interested and always learning new exercises and workouts so a good imagination is key. 

When watching a scary film I let my imagination run wild which usually means afterward any sort of noise outside my window it has to be a serial killer obviously! Ha

Physically Active

It could be said that I like to be active yes! I won't go on here as you all know I am personal trainer and I love exercise, I talk about it enough! 

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What are some of your personality traits?


  1. I hadn't thought about approaching my personality with my zodiac sign! Instead I did it with the Myers Briggs personality test! I did quickly look up some of the "libra" personality traits and I found these and they are pretty accurate :D Libra's tend to be very tactful, romantic, charming and balanced but they can also be very superficial, indecisive and a bit self-indulged. It's crazy how accurate these things are!

    1. The zodiac signs I think are a great way to look at personality types they are often quite right! Thanks for popping by x